Networking…for Nurses? A Novel idea!

Updated on April 23, 2014

Carmen KosicekBy Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN

As a nurse, I see the same groups of nurses go to the cafeteria together, walk to and from their cars together, and even hanging out in the nurses lounge together.  This is called a clique…..NOT a networking group.

Sadly, this is not the networking that will help nurses or anyone in business to advance.

In my opinion, the nursing profession is in a bubble.  

Think about it, the business people routinely work the room, sit with others they do not know, and make small talk to learn about others.  Later, they follow up with the insights they learned about one another.  

This is not commonly seen in nursing be it with the faculty, the administration nor the students.  Buy why?

So, what is the difference amongst the nurses?

The business of healthcare requires this networking and it needs to be taught.  

Social media is not the true connection of networking that I’m speaking of.  A tweet about someone, Facebook, Instagram, etc., even with a hash-tag that Jimmy Fallon would speak of, is really not the connection that leads to people moving up and helping one another in their careers.

Networking is not only something that you do for YOU.  

Networking is something that you do to make a real connection on a personal level with another individual.  

You see, it is like the cellular phone ad that was popular a few short years back with Verizon… know, the one with the guy with the black glasses on and the hundreds of people behind him showing his network of people.  


You Tube it!

Networking is the art of how one person, although it may not be that particular person, can lead you, or introduce you, to a group of people that they in turn know who could somehow help you or lead you farther in your career.

Heck, YOU may be that person who can help to lead someone to a person who can help them in whatever they are doing.

Networking is building a truly reliable network of humans connecting with them and in turn helping other humans.  

And guess what?  What comes around usually goes around!

Did you realize that most jobs are found through networking?!?

Networking is a personal art form that needs to be worked on because yes, it can be uncomfortable at first.  

So, can you hear me now? 

Do you clearly understand what I am saying?

Network with those in school, grade school, high school, college in your community and beyond.  True, social networks are helpful, but do you really what to know who drank what with whom and when? Well, maybe. 

I, however, would recommend that you stay connected in the professional network, join places like so you can stay connected not only with your nursing students and faculty members, but you can stay connected with them as years go by, along with fellow alumni.

Do NOT only network with nurses! Although it will be uncomfortable at first, sit with residents, doctors, administrators, etc.  

Network with real estate agents, and even pastors, and the cafeteria workers.


You may be surprised as to where those people recommend you to other people because you are not viewed as above them or stuck up.

You may be surprised as to how the doctors realize how much you know or how much you are willing to learn.

We all put our pants on the same way so DARE to be DIFFERENT and network with others of social classes, ethnicities, socio economic classes, etc.

Welcome to the human side of networking… the multifaceted world of nursing!!!!! 

Heck, you may even help the new people you meet or those people may even help you to advance your career! 

Don’t stay in your clique.  Instead, NETWORK!!!!! 

Join the professional networking groups like too and share your experiences!

You will often be surprised at how much the OTHERS have taught you on how to be a better nurse!

Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN is a Nationally Known Nursing Career Coach and public speaker who specializes in helping nurses capitalize on their strengths, and expand their nursing career opportunities.  Carmen helps RNs to write resumes, she offers guided, step-by-step career coaching for seasoned and new nurses alike which helps them to initiate and advance their personal nursing careers.  Carmen offers keynote speaking and more!  Her book, ‘Nurses, Jobs and Money – A Guide to Advancing Your Nursing Career and Salary’, and her new book ‘Nurses, Jobs and Resumes’, expected to be released on two months, in addition to her ‘Foreign Educated RN Guide to the US’ helps nurses further their careers in the may aspects of the nursing profession.  For more information visit today! 

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