Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Wedding Ring

Updated on July 14, 2021

Choosing a wedding ring is perhaps the most crucial decision while getting ready for the big event in your life. It is critical to choose a wedding ring that best complements your personality and lifestyle. Often due to lack of proper planning, couples end up making some mistakes that seriously jeopardize the wedding preparations. 

Why do you think people still love to wear their wedding rings? Many people have been subscribing to the typical notion that you can avoid affairs if you stick to wearing a wedding ring 24×7 as an indicator that you are taken so, there is no scope for affairs. However, today wedding customs have become less formal and less conventional, according to New York Times. Moreover, rules relating to wedding rings have become less stringent. 

Wedding rings are still religiously worn by couples who still believe in the tradition that married people should wear wedding bands, and also, fashionable people wear wedding rings because they have a passion for flaunting stunning jewelry. You may equip yourself with sound knowledge before you start shopping. It will help you steer clear of undesirable mistakes. Let us explore some common mistakes to avoid while choosing a wedding band.

Mistake: Taking a Hasty Decision to Buy the First Wedding Ring You Come Across

While choosing a wedding ring, be prepared that it is not going to be an easy affair to identify the perfect wedding band right away. It takes time and patience to identify the perfect wedding band. Do not rush the shopping experience. Be prepared to assess a broad spectrum of wedding rings in multiple metals, designs, styles, widths, and engravings. Take an educated decision because you will be wearing this piece of jewelry for a long, long time. 

Mistake: Jumping at the Thought of Acquiring a Trendy & Fashionable Ring

Often you are determined to buy a traditional diamond-set wedding ring, but once you start seeing the fashionable rings, you at once change tracks. Do not go overboard. You can opt for a trendy wedding band in alternative metals but do not make an instant or spontaneous choice. Understand the pros and cons of choosing a trendy ring. If you are convinced that your lifestyle demands a trendy ring go for it but after considerable thought. The fashion scene is dynamic. We know that what is a trendy piece of jewelry today is bound to go out of fashion. You need to ask yourself would you still love to flaunt your wedding band even after a few decades. If you are thinking in terms of a specific color, ensure that it complements your styles and shades.

Mistake: Relying on Guesses Regarding Your Ring Size

Resizing could be annoying and unnecessary. It is best to focus on avoiding the stress of getting your ring resized. You may find out about your perfect ring size right from the start. You may go to a jeweler to check your exact ring size. Alternatively, and more conveniently during COVID-19 times, you may buy from reliable sites like epicweddingbands.com that may send you a sizing tool so that you can know your accurate measurements before finally placing an order.


Avoid the common mistakes discussed above. Choosing your ideal wedding ring may take a little time and patience, but it pays in the long run. Remember that the key is to order at the earliest so that you are sure about the ring’s fit and design. Avoid unnecessary stress by waiting until the last moment to make the purchase.

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