Meladerm Review & Coupon [2020 Update]

Updated on September 18, 2020

How often do you look in the mirror and wish for the clean, smooth, and radiant skin you once had? Over time the quality of our skin starts to decline and you start to see wrinkles, dark spots, and facial lines you feared.

Not only that, but you can also encounter the signs of hyperpigmentation as you grow older. Although there are lots and lots of skincare products that can help you to counter this problem, most of them are uselessly created with marketing hype and false promises.

Meladerm by Civant Skin Care is the product that is here to save your day. It is currently the best and the most popular skin care product that you can get your hands on. With the highest star ratings and thousands of more than satisfied customers, it sure does make itself a viable candidate for your skincare regime.      

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Meladerm by Civant Skin Care: A Detailed Review

Meladerm by Civant Skin Care is designed to lighten the skin pigment and eventually provide you a clean and radiant glow. This skin lightening cream is vastly popular in the market and is currently running as the number 1 skincare cream. 

Civant Skin Care launched this product after 4 years of research and trials. It is good to know that they put so much care and effort to give a 100 percent natural product with no side effects

Plus, Meladerm is also cruelty-free and vegan which ensures its product’s quality and the company’s ethical practices.

Meladerm Ingredients

As we stated before, the Meladerm skin lightening cream is a 100 % natural and vegan product which means it contains various organic and skin-friendly elements that help in balanced skin pigmentation. 

Even though Meladrem has a complex formula, Civant skincare is pretty vocal about the ingredients used in it. It could be the reason for their all-natural and vegan elements.

There is a long list of ingredients used in the Meladerm skin lightening cream to give you the radiant and younger skin you so desperately crave. Some of them are listed below.

Emblica Fruit Extract

 Emblica Fruit Extract contains various antioxidants that help to rejuvenate dead skin cells and in light skin pigment formulation. Plus, it is combined with vitamin C which is known for its antioxidant properties to give your skin the most nutrition possible. This ultimately leads to smooth and clear skin.

Alpha Arbutin

The Alpha Arbutin is extracted from the bearberry tree leaves. This biosynthetic ingredient is commonly found in many skin lightening creams as it helps in reduces the speed of melanin production. Many studies prove it’s validity and significance in skin lightening creams. 

This extract helps in balancing the skin pigmentation in the body and helps in providing a subtle organic glow to the skin. Furthermore, it is compatible with almost every skin type, thus eliminating the chance of any side effects.

Beta Arbutin

Beta Arbutin is acquired from the extraction of Uva Ursi plants. Most of the skincare companies use their chemical substitute hydroquinone which can be harmful. On the other hand, Civant skincare adopted the organic and skin-friendly Beta Arbutin. 

This ingredient is responsible for the obstruction of tyrosinase enzymes. Tyrosinase enzyme is responsible for the production of melanin and by reducing the levels of Tyrosinase in the body, it helps in maintaining the melanin balance and provides better skin tones.  


This all-natural extract is a blend of seven plants found in the mountains of swiss alps. Gigawhite is famous for reducing dark spots and providing clear and light skin pigmentation. The extract is all organic and has no preservatives whatsoever.

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Sepiwhite is a type of amino acid that helps in balancing the pigmentation of the skin. This molecule can work miracles when it comes to reducing dark spots and scars but only if it is applied regularly.

Lemon juice Extract

This ingredient is probably the most common ingredient of all. People are well aware of the benefits that lemon juice can have on the skin. Vitamin C present in the extract can be a big source for reducing hyperpigmentation and contains skin whitening properties. 

Lemon juice extract is present in Meladerm in just the right proportion that will make it suitable for all skin types without giving the irritating feel that lemon juice extract has.


Symwhite is another very powerful molecule that is collected from the pine trees. This natural product is jammed with high-quality antioxidants which can significantly help in reducing hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and the aging process. It can provide good results if it is used regularly.


Niacinamide acts as a catalyst for Kojic acid and arbutin and helps in providing the best possible result that you can get. Niacinamide is just a synonym of Vitamin B3 which is beneficial for all skin types without giving any side effects making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is another product that is vastly used in anti-aging and skin lightening creams. It is known for its hyperpigmentation reducing and wrinkle-reducing properties. It works with Niacinamide to give the best possible result.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid produced by Civant skincare company is a mixture of Licorice root and Mulberry extract. Both brighten up the skin tone and help in reducing dark spots and wrinkles. Lactic acid is not too concentrated hence it does not create any irritating feel on application which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.  


Argireline is a very important ingredient in Meladerm that helps in reducing the aging process and wrinkles. This component helps in relaxing the facial skin which leads to a reduction in the signs of facial tensions like facial lines and wrinkles that can form over time.

Rice bran protein –

Rice bran protein is an element in Meladerm that reduces excessive puffiness that can form around the eyes. It is a potential sign of the aging process that Meladerm can help in reducing and giving you a radiant and clear natural glow for a long time.

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Side effects of Meladerm 

People often ask questions about the side effects of Meladerm, and if is it safe to use? Well, Meladerm does not have any potential reported side effects. Given that it is an all-natural, preservative-free, vegan, and cruelty-free product, it sure does offer a safe and organic experience.

This product does not use any harmful chemicals like hydroquinone or mercury. Instead, Civant skincare prefers using natural elements like Beta Arbutin to make the product as natural and side effect free as it can get.

However, any cosmetic product is not 100 percent side effect free regardless of how organic it is. Every person has a different skin condition and people with sensitive skin can experience some side effects of Meladerm.

  • People with over sensitive skin conditions can experience some irritation on the application of the cream. This is due to various natural acidic compounds available in the cream. However, it has all-natural acidic compounds so there is no serious problem that will occur.
  • This cream can lighten your skin complexion (which is probably why you are using it) which is why naturally your skin becomes more soft and prone to exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and radiation. To counter this problem it is suggested to put on sunblock or sunscreen whenever you get in direct contact with sun rays
  • Some people can experience minor cracks and roughness on the skin during the first 3 weeks of the usage of the cream. However, this effect is perfectly normal and only temporary. It will automatically fade away as you use it over time. Although, this problem is very rare and reported by only a handful of customers.

Benefits of Meladerm

The best feature of Meladerm is the product itself. It fulfills all the commitments promised by the company and you will get what you pay for. It is an effective product that will not let you down plus the organic nature and cruelty-free practices of the company is like a cherry on top. 

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

One of the main features of Meladerm is that it is designed to treat the problem of hyperpigmentation. There exist lots of factors that can lead to excess melanin in your body. This includes sunburn, hormonal imbalance, and scarring. 

Meladerm helps in reducing the amount of melanin in your skin with the help of various natural ingredients. These components work together and help in balancing the amount of melanin that is present in your body giving you clear, smooth skin with a natural radiant glow.

Lightens the Complexion

The important thing you need to know about Meladerm is that it is a skin lightening and treatment cream. It is not a bleach-based skin whitening cream that will give you an instant white skin and fake glow. If you are looking for a bleach-based skin whitening cream that will give you instant fairness then this product is not for you. 

Meladerm works on the skin inside out and regenerates and rejuvenates the dead skin cells that lay dormant in your skin. This natural product gives you the fairness and glows that your skin is capable of instead of providing a fake whiteness for a couple of hours.

Not only does it provide you with clear better-looking skin but it makes it healthier as well. It cleans all the impurities in your skin that can obstruct and decrease the skin complexion. Looking for a cream that will give you your old glow and younger-looking skin back? Meladerm is the perfect choice for you.  

Whitens Black Skin

Meladerm is designed to lighten the skin tone from the inside and give you the best skin complexion that your body is capable of. It ensures the perfect balance and reduces the development of melanin which is responsible for the darker skin and dark pigment formation. 

Meladerm is one of the few handful of products that is genuinely capable of giving light skin complexion without any harmful side effects. It helps in bringing out the natural skin color that is covered behind layers of dark, pigmented skin. It is not a skin whitening cream that will only give you a few hours of fairness that will wash away in just a splash.

It works deep in your skin and treats the root of the problem and gives you your natural light skin complexion back.  

Pricing of Meladerm

The price of Meladerm can set you back some bucks. But, if you compare the price of Meladerm with other skin lightening cream along with its benefits and performance then Meladerm gets a huge competitive edge.

One bottle of Meladerm cream can cost you $49.99. We understand that spending this amount of money for a 50ml bottle does seem pricey but as you know great products have a higher price. Although 50 bucks to get your radiant skin back seems like a fair deal.

You can order as many bottles as you please in a single order. However, the availability of Meladerm cream varies from time to time because of its huge demand in the market. 

Hence, we recommend you to order two bottles in a single order so the cycle would not break if the product is not available for a while. Plus, the purchase of two bottles comes with a price of 79.99 which means you can save up to 20 bucks in the purchase. 

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How to Use and Apply Meladerm?

Meladerem cream does not require any complex process for its application. It has a pretty simple application process that makes it highly user friendly.

First, you wash your face properly which is a common step in every skincare routine. It will open up your pores which will allow the cream to be absorbed by the skin properly. 

Then dry your skin with a cloth and apply the Meladerm cream thoroughly on the required area. You should massage your skin until the cream gets absorbed in your skin completely. Use the cream twice a day (preferably once in the morning and once at night for best results).

It is recommended to use a good sunblock or sunscreen (SPF 30) if you have to go outside. It will help you from the harmful UV rays and radiation of the sun. Furthermore, try to avoid the use of tanning beds or sun lamps while using this cream for best results.

Caution – Keep in mind that Meladerm cream is for skin use only. It should never be ingested or used in the eyes or mouth. 

Before and After Reviews | Does Meladerm work?

Many people are more than satisfied with the product and showed their appreciation in their reviews that we gathered from different platforms.

One customer on Amazon said that Meladerm cream “did a great job” in reducing her dark spots dark skin pigments and provided a light skin tone. Plus, even after having sensitive skin, this cream does not show any side effects which in her words, is “great”.

One customer struggling with his dark sunspots had a great experience with the Meladerm cream. In his words, “This is the only skin lightener that has worked on my sun spots”. He later suggested the readers stick with the cream and use it regularly twice a day for the best results.  

There’s loads of ‘before and after’ reviews that we came across. However, if we started to mention them all, the day won’t end. In short, the gist of all the reviews is the product reliability and effectiveness that it provides.

Where to Buy Meladerm?

After getting enchanted with the glory of Meladerm you must be thinking of buying it, but the question is, from where?

The best place to buy Meladerm cream is from their official trusted website which is With the official website, you don’t have to worry about the fake products that you can wind up with. Although Meladerm is available on it is better to buy it from the official website so you can get the freshest batch of the product.

meladerm review

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Meladerm?

In conclusion, all we can say is that Meladerm is one of the finest skin care products that is available in the market. With its all-natural ingredients, vegan qualities, and side effect free claim, it certainly dominates the market and keeps its customers happy with its performance.

When we have to struggle to find a decent product for our skin to fight those aging signs and dark pigment spots, Meladerm is like the ray of hope that we are looking for. It is recommended to all the readers regardless of their skin types. If you want a skin lightening and treatment cream, look no further because Meladerm is the product for you. 

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