Medical marijuana gaining importance globally in 2019

Updated on October 18, 2019

Gone are the days when the topic of CBD or medical marijuana got silenced because of mass taboo! Today, people are speaking about it and in favor of it. Thanks to the ongoing social movements for legalizing medical marijuana and medical experiments to prove the substance have therapeutic advantages. It has helped to start a dialogue about medical marijuana amongst people across all age groups. The age group that is the biggest consumer of medical marijuana is between 25 and 40.

Today, availing medical marijuana is natural. There are several websites and online dispensaries that provide the same. A few sites offer CBD products for free, while other online dispensaries might ask a medical prescription from the customer. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Shivabuzz’s online dispensary

The reasons for medical marijuana gaining worldwide relevance in 2019 are many. The crucial ones are as follows:

1. It has no adverse side effects

When you purchase medical marijuana, make sure that it comprises of CBD content more than hemp. CBD induces the healing benefit, whereas hemp leads to a mental high. CBD can’t create an altered state of consciousness. Hence, it is safe to use CBD oil or other products that come under medical marijuana.

2. It helps to release stress and tension

The latest medical research suggests that most ailments branch from stress and anxiety! Hence, if you work towards reducing the stress and pressure in mind, it helps to release the body’s tension as well. And that creates the perfect condition for the body to rejuvenate and restore the organs, cells, and muscles. And when you reduce the stress and tension, it helps you to stay away from a mix of ailments. 

3. It cures body aches

One of the reasons pains persist is because we are holding up the conditioning in our brains. Our body will replicate everything that the brain conjectures, in most cases. CBD oil or CBD tinctures help to release the stress hormones from the mind, which in turn also heals the body aches and pains. Stress can lead to body pains that you might be unaware of before.

4. It helps to heal skin issues

Today, healthcare companies make use of CBD oil and other concentrations to improve skin issues. Medical marijuana can be applied or consumed to treat skin issues like pimples, patchy skin, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and dark spots. Your daily cream might also have CBD content of which you are unaware of.

5. It helps to heal cancer patients

Cancer patients feel uncomfortable after a radiation or chemotherapy session! It makes them feel nauseous and triggers the vomiting tendency because of the high-dose treatment. Research and anecdotal accounts suggest that the smell of CBD oil is effective in healing the patient from the after-effects of radiation and therapy. 

There are also claims of medical marijuana having a positive impact on epilepsy! The studies and researches should continue to ensure that medical marijuana needs to get legalized in more countries across the world. However, given the current situation, the reasons mentioned above are the ones for which medical marijuana is gaining prominence worldwide.

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