Medical escort: advantages and benefits

Updated on April 30, 2020

A medical escort is a non-urgent medical service provided by commercial airplanes and airlines, by medical escort companies and sometimes by independent medical escorts that generally work for medical repatriation companies. Many medical repatriation companies offer the following options: medical escort through air ambulances or through road ambulances.

Many such enterprises and services offer medical escort no matter the country and the preferred means of transportation (airplane, boat or train). The majority of medical needs are fulfilled and medical escort companies usually provide and have at your disposal doctors, nurses, paramedics and first aid personnel or attendants for an integrated escort. 

What are some situations where medical escort companies are handy?

There are many different services provided by medical escort companies. Usually, they cover displacement all-over the globe. The majority of them offer the following services:

  • Medical escort via airplane
  • Medical escort via boat
  • Medical escort via train
  • Medical escort via a car
  • Medical escort of an aged individual
  • Medical escort for sick or injured patients
  • Long-distance medical escort

Medical escort companies use their logistics and their personnel and place them at your disposal so as to ensure an optimal medical escort from benign pathology cases to more serious. Their services are characterized by professionalism and discretion and they can usually adapt to even the most complex requests. 

There are many advantages and benefits from using medical escort services. Some of them include:

  • Medical escort made to measure and fulfilling your individual needs
  • Medical escort and reassurance for long-distance and no matter the country and the means you require
  • Complete autonomy in terms of logistics and care
  • Extremely competent personnel always at your side
  • Daily follow-ups with relatives and family
  • Cooperation with family doctors and other personnel related to each case

Medical escort through airplane, boat or train

You never know when you will need medical escort services. Whether you are in your own country or in vacation in a foreign country, medical escort guarantees that no matter the distance, the country or the transportation means, you will always have at your side someone capable and suitable to intervene if you have the slightest problem.

No matter the occasion and the situation, the role of the accompanying personnel is to keep an eye on you, to take all necessary actions according to your pathology, to provide you with the prescribed care by your doctor. They are also able to react and assist you if you experience any difficulties and problems in your trip and they will equally assist you to move and settle in at your destination. If your health condition does not permit you to travel alone, a medical escort can prove very helpful allowing you to travel and go wherever you desire and return back to your base, no matter where you are going.

For your peace of mind, sometimes having at your side a medical escort for your needs might prove itself indispensable. Always before traveling it is better to be assured at the beginning that your medical companion is able to intervene in case of a problem and an emergency and that they possess the necessary and adequate material. Even if you have certain medical conditions that deter you from traveling freely, with the help of a medical escort company you will be able to move, take the plan, the boat or the train and travel the world limiting the risks for your health.

We don’t know if you knew that but there are no doctors on board of a plane except those that happen to be on board traveling on their own. In such cases it is pretty rare that these doctors will possess the drugs and the material that you need. Certain boats are accompanied by doctors, such as big cruise ships. In such cases, you might get lucky and they may have at their disposal the necessary medication to relieve you of your pain. But, if you are accompanied by a medical escort, then your security and health is guaranteed. Your medical escort will never stop looking after you and surveilling your health. The trained personnel will look after your comfort and will accompany you even during the smallest move.

That does not mean, though, that your medical escort will not respect your privacy and your intimacy. They act with discretion and if you are in need to talk to someone privately or have sometime to yourself, it goes without saying that they will respect your boundaries and rights while paying close attention at your maximum safety and security.

If you are traveling by train, your medical escort will take care so as to reach your wagons without any risk at all. For example, your escort can take you to your car with the help of wheelchair or with any means necessary so as to stop any negative outcome to your health. Your accommodation is also reassured and you can relax in the presence of your medical escort. Every request that has to do with your health will be certainly met with the utmost care, attention and promptness. The same principle also applies when it comes to traveling by plane or boat, each with its own peculiarities and characteristics.

It goes without saying that your medical escort is there to take care of you, to provide you with any assistance you need. Take notice, though. You should not confound their role with that of a cook or of a maid. Taking are of your comfort and of your medical security must not be confused with ironing your laundry or doing your dishes for example. The important is to take care of your health and making sure that this is not at risk during your move.

Finally, many medical escort companies offer personalized services according to your needs and to your doctor’s prescription. For instance, if you require more than one medical escort or if you need a specialized type of escort such as doctor, attendant, nurse or if your condition requires the existence of special equipment.

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