Managing Desk-Job-Related Pain

Updated on September 17, 2019

If a person has a desk job they will find that they are sitting most of the day and are in the same position. This can lead to pain. A person may experience pain in their neck and back. They may be sore from the lack of movement. There are some ways that a person can learn how to manage this pain and keep their desk job. Chiropractic care can help ease the pain and allow a person to become loose in the neck and back.

Visiting a Chiropractor

The chiropractor will take a look at the neck and the back and check if a person is out of alignment. They will then make an adjustment to the spine to put them back into alignment and ease the pain or stiffness that a person may be feeling. This will allow a person to get relief and get back to their normal daily activities. The chiropractor will speak with the patient about the frequency of the visits in order to keep the pain and stiffness away.

Get up and Stretch

When possible get up from the desk and move around. While it is hard to stand while typing, it is easy to stand and walk around while taking a phone call. If a person feels signs of pain they should get up and walk around for a couple of minutes. Even getting up to stretch a couple of times and an hour can help get rid of this pain.

Sit Correctly

A person should place their feet flat on the floor. If they feel more comfortable they can get a small foot tool. This will help make sure both the legs, hips, and back is properly supported. The spine should be straight and neutral. The shoulders should be in a position that allows them to retract. The buttocks should be allowed to sit comfortably in the chair. A person should not have to strain their body in order to reach their computer. The angles should be at a 90-degree angle. This will put less pressure on the legs and the spine.

These are some things that a person can do to reduce their pain from sitting at a desk for several hours a day. When possible a person should get up and move around. They should move at least every 45 minutes. If a person is in real pain they should see their chiropractor for adjustments so they will not have to worry about back pain any longer.

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