Male Enhancement Pills: Do They Really Work?

Updated on February 17, 2020

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In a world driven by sex, it’s only natural for men to want to do everything they can to enhance their sexual performance. Many companies market their pills as natural medication that will either allow men to last longer in bed, or increase their penis size. 

And even though many women have said that ‘size really doesn’t matter’, still men are seeking for ways in which they can reach their full potential – It’s an ego thing. The question still remains, do these pills really work?  


Male enhancement pills are successfully sold online and in shops. The pills are usually made from natural herbs and are said to either increase your penis size or help with sexual performance. 

Plant based ingredients are mixed together and placed in capsules or pressed into pills. Aimed at consumers who have problems with erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, or who suffer from a low libido. 


Since none of them are proven to actually work on the long-term, it’s important that you still check the label. Make sure that they are registered by the Traditional Herbal Registration institute. Looking for official stamps and logos will ensure that the product is properly regulated. 

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, your best bet is to get licensed medication. You can buy erectile dysfunction medications over the counter at your nearest pharmacist. No need to see a GP first. 

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For naturally based pills the ingredients may include Pomegranate, Cordyceps, L-arginine, MSM, Ellagic Acid, and L-Methionine. Other ingredients like Ginseng, Vitamins, and Guarana. 

Apart from plant-based ingredients that can be freely sold everywhere, there are a few FDA-approved prescription drugs available. The most well-known drug of this sort is Viagra. Viagra’s active ingredient is Sildenafil. 

Some Asian countries believe that properties within rhino horns will enhance their sexual performance. This has had the unfortunate results that rhinos have become an endangered species. Even though extensive studies have proven that properties within a rhino horn has no effect at all on sexual performance, this hasn’t stopped poachers. One rhino horn can be sold on the black market for millions of dollars. 

Click here to learn more about rhino pouching and how you can help. 

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From pills and lotions, to pumps and surgeries. Men have tried everything to increase their penis size and make them a tiger between the sheets. There has been no scientific proof that plant-based pills can increase your penis size. 

Placebo Effect

Pills that contain minerals, herbs, hormones, and vitamins can make you feel more energetic and powerful, but there hasn’t been a study to proof that they actually really work. Some have caused the placebo effect. 

If you don’t know what a placebo effect is: It’s basically believing that a pill can do something for you and feeling the effects of it. In reality, you only feel healed because it’s all in your mind even though the pill isn’t really working.

Plant-based Diets

In contradiction to the above, another study, done by plant-based dieticians on Netflix’s documentary The Game Changers. Have shown that eating a vegetarian-based diet increases your sexual performance, the amount of semen you produce while ejaculating, as well as make your erection much stronger. 

Going off of that experiment, one can say that when you use natural male enhancement pills while following a healthy diet, you will reach full sexual potential. 

Penis pumps

Even using a penis pump may damage the skin around your penis. The function of the pump is to draw blood into your shaft. A temporary larger look will be achieved, but if you use it too regularly it can actually make your erections less firm. As regular pumping can damage elastic tissue. 

Prescribed Medication

Medications like Viagra, Levitra, Spedra, and Tadalafil are pills prescribed by your doctor. These pills have chemical compositions that helps patients who suffer from chronic erectile dysfunction. Medications such as Priligy and Emla are for patients who suffer from premature ejaculation. 

Even though they are guaranteed to work, there can be a few side effects. If you use any of these pills without being prescribed, you can end up in the hospital with a 10-hour long erection. In theory this might sound like a superpower, but it can be quite painful. 

Users have stated that they have become quite dependent on these drugs. As an effect they aren’t able to achieve an erection without the enhancer. 

For honest reviews on natural medications check out, to give you some insight from the mouth of consumers. 


Male Enhancement pills that are bought online don’t cause any side effects. Because of their natural ingredients they are less prone to cause any long-lasting side effects. This being said, many users might experience a variety of different effects depending on their own body’s response. Some herbal mixtures may cause nausea in one user while in another it can cause wakefulness. 

It’s all about trying them out. Make sure that you thoroughly read through the ingredients of the enhancement pill. As some might have traces of medication in them. If a doctor or pharmacist prescribes a pill to you and you experience side-effects, they will be able to trace them back to prescribed medication. When you take pills that aren’t FDA approved you put yourself at risk. 

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Many ladies have claimed that it’s not the size of your penis that counts, but how you use it. There’s no way that a pill can enlarge your penis. In the same way you can’t change the length of your legs you can’t change your penis size. 

So, better focus on your technique. 

There’s no harm in trying a few male enhancement pills to see which ones work best for you. Drinking a male enhancement pill is in theory the same as drinking a vitamin supplement or energy boost. It might increase your energy and performance but it won’t be miraculous. 

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