Make Your Life More Relaxed: Learn about CBD Drops and Other Relaxation Routines

Updated on January 12, 2020

Stressful situations are part of life, from minor disturbances to major catastrophes. When you are stressed, your body responds by releasing cortisol (the stress hormone) which oversees your fight/flight response. Non-essential functions shut down and all systems in your body rally behind ensuring your survival.

The stress response is vital to ensure we can remove ourselves from threatening situations, but sometimes prolonged exposure to stressors can leave you chronically anxious/stressed. Your body remains in prolonged flight/fight mode, with disastrous consequences. You may binge and gain weight, fall ill, sleep poorly, or increase your chances of diseases from the raised inflammatory response.

Learn how you can make your life more relaxed using CBD drops and mindful breathing, meditation and movement techniques in the article below:

The Relaxation Response

The relaxation response does the opposite of the stress response. It puts your body in deep relaxation (complete rest and calm) so that your body reverses the effects of the stress response. The relaxation response takes some time to master, but once you do, you can dip into your well of calm even during a stressful situation.

The relaxation response technique is best practiced for 10-20 minutes first thing in the morning. You may do it twice a day for a better effect. Follow these steps:

  • Sit in a comfortable and quiet environment, with your eyes closed
  • Focus on relaxing all your muscles, starting from your feet and working towards your face. Relax your tongue, and your thought will stop racing
  • Breathe in through the nose, focusing on it. Count your breaths as you breathe easily and naturally.
  • Do this for 10-20 minutes. 

Set a timer so that you don’t interrupt the process to check the time. If you feel your mind wandering, bring yourself back to the moment by relaxing your tongue and focusing on your breathing. Ideally, this routine should be done on an empty stomach; digestion interferes with the process of achieving complete calmness.

CBD Drops

CBD was only recently discovered, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of the health benefits it provides. One of the best-known uses of CBD is in managing anxiety and stress. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is the system that helps maintain the body’s internal balance (homeostasis). Stress interferes with homeostasis because it triggers the emergency response – useful when facing an actual threat, but harmful otherwise.

CBD drops produce relaxation by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors and create a sense of calm. An advantage is that it does not create the euphoria associated with cannabis, and you won’t experience the crash when it wears off.

Use CBD drops with your regular regimen after consulting a doctor, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions. CBD drops can be added to food, teas, gummie treats or taken directly. Be careful to get a good quality product by ensuring that you buy from sellers who have an independent certificate of quality.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is a useful technique for achieving quick relaxation, particularly when you’re in a distracting environment. Most of the techniques of eliciting relaxation require mindful breathing. It is a simple and powerful technique that you can apply even for a few minutes throughout the day when you feel your stress levels rising.

Mindful breathing involves releasing your thoughts by focusing on your breath and how it fills your nose and belly, and the sensations of breathing in and out. You may sit or lie down, but make sure you are comfortable. Even if you’re not able to eliminate all distractions, you can benefit from mindful breathing.

Breath focus helps you to view your body in a positive way, especially if you have a poor body image. However, do not practice mindful breathing if you have heart or respiratory ailments that make breathing difficult.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above techniques, you can maintain your inner peace by being mindful of the things you allow into your personal space. Remove yourself from toxic people and toxic situations, and always make time for yourself. Do something that makes you happy during this time.

Try not to strain yourself by saying no to extra duties, engagements or projects you won’t be able to handle. Finally, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and stay hydrated to ensure your body remains in tip-top shape.

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