LTAC RN Travel Nursing Career Guide

Updated on December 23, 2022

Getting a travel nurse job is a good way to balance work and life obligations. Plus if you have specialization you have more opportunities to grow your career. One of the in-demand travel nurse jobs is that of LTAC RN travel nurse.

How Much Do Acute Care Nurses Make A Year?

The average an LTAc nurse can earn in Georgia is $69,593 annually. This is just the basic rate other benefits are not included. The duties of LTAC nurses are intense and they deserve to get higher pay plus other benefits. As travel nurses, they get paid more compared with regular nurses. 

What Are the Duties of an LTAC RN Travel Nurse?

Monitor and Assess Patient’s Condition 

Patients in Long term acute care units are those who need to be taken care of for quite a long time since they need to recover from their conditions caused by accident, surgery, or any other conditions that need assistance for a longer period. The LTAC nurses have to monitor and assess the patient’s condition by checking on them physically as well as checking on the medical equipment attached to them to check the progress or if there are any changes needed to be done. 

Checking Symptoms and Vital Signs and Arranging Diagnostic Test

Checking on the vital signs of patients in long-term acute care units is important since sudden changes can be life-threatening for them. LTAC nurses should be alert and consistent in checking the vital signs and symptoms of each patient plus they have to run diagnostic tests as needed to know the exact condition of the patient.

Administering Medication and Intravenous Drips 

LTAC nurses are trained on how to properly administer different kinds of medications. Since they are assigned to give medication to their patients and should be accurate and on time. 

Responsible For Equipment Usage 

LTAC nurses are responsible for using equipment that can make better progress for patients such as ventilators and other machines. Knowledge of how to operate them is a must to avoid any troubles with it. 

How to Become an LTAC Travel Nurse?

Just like any other jobs qualifications and requirements are needed before getting qualified to become an LTAC travel nurse: 

LTAC RN Education 

One should have finished an Associate Degree in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing and should pass the NCLEX examination. Before becoming an LTAC nurse one should be a registered nurse. 

LTAC Certifications 

Basic Life Support (BLS) training is required for LTAC RN travel nurses and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training is a plus if you have one. These two certifications are important for LTAC RN nurses in fulfilling their job as travel nurses. 


Most medical facilities require two years of experience since experienced nurses can immediately be onboard especially for travel nurses. Nurses with experience often don’t require training before they start working, that’s why they are preferred. 

What Is The Highest Paid Nurse?

LTAC RN travel nurses are usually on the list of highest-paid nurses since they are in demand on this pandemic season here are some of them :

Emergency Room Travel Nurse

ER nurses are needed all the time since this is one of the busiest areas in the hospital. Nurses in this area should be alert and have critical thinking to determine who among the patients needs urgent attention since all of them need to be assisted immediately. Even before the pandemic season, emergency rooms are often filled with patients who need assistance. 

Intensive Care Unit Travel Nurse 

Patients in this department need 24/7 monitoring and care. Nurses assigned here usually have a 12-hour shift to be able to monitor the patients’ condition closely and be able to administer medication as well as give the assistance they need. 

Telemetry Travel Nurse

They are in charge of monitoring the vital status of patients. Telemetry nurses play an important role in giving updates to patients’ progress or need to give the right treatment and medication they need. 

Hope this information on the LTAC RN travel nursing career guide can motivate you to get that LTAC experience and be able to grow your profession while appreciating the beauty of Georgia as your place of assignment. 

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