Looking To Upgrade Your Beauty Routine? Incorporate These Modern, Innovate Products Into Your Skincare Routine For Glowing Results

Updated on April 19, 2023

The skincare industry has been booming for around a decade, with normal teenagers and adults becoming self-identified skincare gurus on multiple social platforms because they’ve kept their finger on the pulse of beauty. Over the past few years, however, technology and skincare have merged in a way that lets us use high-tech tools and products to achieve the glowing results women and men have been seeking forever. If you want to upgrade your beauty routine, keep reading for some of the most modern and innovative products you can incorporate into your skincare regimen for results you’ve only dreamed of. 

Cryo Recovery Masks 

Cryotherapy has been used for a long time in medical spas to not only freeze cells but lift them. Today, you can incorporate cryotherapy into your skincare routine through cryo recovery masks. These reusable masks create the appearance of firmer and refreshed skin, not to mention acne scar reduction and the added benefit of lifting. So whether you’re young or dealing with mature skin, cryotherapy technology has many benefits when it comes to skincare.

Brightening & Hydrating Serums 

One of the chief complaints regarding people’s complexions is dullness and dryness, and innovation regarding the serums to address these issues is ever-evolving. When looking for innovative skin care products like brightening or hydrating serums, use a brand you can trust with backing scientific results. You want to opt for serums that contain ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. These serums are best used and most effective when combined both morning and night and can be used under regular moisturizers and makeup. 

Facial Toning Devices 

Toning the skin on your face is important no matter your age because it gives a lift to not only your jawbone, a common place where women and men feel they need lifting, but also to your brow line and your cheeks, and the results can last an entire day. You need to use a gel primer with facial toning devices, but then you apply gentle pressure while you glide the device over your face upwards and outwards, which will give you immediate lift results but also through continued use will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles your facial contour and brighten your overall skin tone. 

Red Light Wands Or Masks 

The benefits of red light therapy are well studied and known, but you used to have to pay a small fortune in a medical spa situation to reap the benefits, but those days are gone. Whether you opt for a full red light therapy mask or a convenient red light skin care wand, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles – something that everyone from their twenties to eighties has to combat. 

Gua Sha Tools 

While Gua Sha isn’t a technology that needs charging or an app, it is a results-based way to get a better complexion and health benefits. The art of Gua Sha is easily mastered by watching YouTube tutorials or reading about the technique online. You can drain your lymphatic system throughout your face and neck, giving you a temporary contour and a slimmer facial appearance. The movement of Gua Sha tools on your face also stimulates blood flow which can help with everything from collagen production to achieving a more youthful appearance. Opt for Gua Sha tools in stainless steel or crystals, use them with a serum or moisturizer, and continue the rest of your skincare or makeup routine afterward. 

Micro-Needling Kits 

Micro-needling used to only be done in a medical spa environment, but today you can get the benefits of micro-needling at home on your couch while binging your favorite show on Netflix. Micro-needling has a host of benefits for your complexion, from reducing hyperpigmentation, tightening, and reducing the size and appearance of pores to addressing skin dullness and dryness, and the best part? Reducing fine lines and wrinkles. These devices need to be used with specific creams that act as a guard on your face, but micro-needling helps your cells replicate, repair, and rejuvenate. A device that can improve skin tone, texture, and overall health may come with a high price tag, but it’s worth every penny. 

Investing in your skin health is investing in your overall health since your skin is your body’s largest organ, so start protecting it today by embracing the innovative modern products on the market to give you quicker, long-lasting results.

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