Looking To Build Some Healthy Habits: Here Is How You Can Go About It

Updated on February 22, 2021

Having some healthy habits in life are usually taught to us since childhood days. In schools, every child is taught “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Unfortunately, when we gradually grow to become adults, we automatically lose all our healthy habits and clamp onto some really bad habits. 

They say that if you do something for 21 days, then that can become your habit, but often some habits are so badly sowed into you that you don’t even realize that it makes a mark in your both conscious and unconscious mind. Some habits become so strongly inbuilt that even if you want to change it consciously, you often fail to do so. 

Some habits can be changed with 21 days of practice while some cannot be changed with 270 days of practice; some part of this habit is related to your psychology too. But even then, you must try to keep some of the good habits in you. If you forgot them, then you must try to imbibe them again. 

Here, I will show you how to make some healthy habits and help others to make them too. 

How to Build Some Healthy Habits? 

Building healthy is actually easy, but it is very subjective as a matter as if something is healthy for me; it might not be healthy for you; hence it depends on each different personality. But there are few things that you must think of before you make any habit; here I will help you recognize those. 

You Must Know What You Want 

We don’t do anything just because everyone else does that; we do it because we want to do it for some reason. Hence when you make a habit, you must know why you are exactly making this habit. You will be able to make a habit when you make it for a reason, and you know that in the long run, it is going to help you. Do not just go out for jogging just because your neighbors do that every day; you must know how important it is for yourself. 

Make a Plan 

If you determine that there are some habits that you need to make or change then, you must make a plan. Only when you have a plan you will be able to follow the plan successfully. Plan means a way in which you will be getting used to some of the habits, like following a daily routine regularly. 

Be Consistent 

When you start to work according to a plan and a routine, make sure that you remain consistent with it. You must know how to stick to your plan and follow it rigorously for the best results. You cannot afford to give up on your plan; you must be very strong-headed to continue it unless you reach your goals.  

Some Bad Habits that Can Be Changed 

There are some bad habits, which can be changed, and these are the easy ways to do so. Hence I would like you to understand how to do them. 

  • Being Punctual – Professionally and personally, being punctual makes a lot of marks on your image, many of us fail to be punctual and many others hate people who are unpunctual. So to avoid being late, you need to leave home early to reach the destination before time. 
  • Sit and Eat – Many of us wake up late, and when we need to leave for office, we tend to take the wrapped sandwich and run for office. That is really unhealthy, if you wish to be healthy, then one thing that you must certainly do is sit and sit. 


There is no end to what the good habits that you must make are and how to make some of the good habits. There are many such good habits, but you can only make a few of them. It is better if you target one at a time for a better result. I have mentioned some of the good habits here but if you wish to learn some more, then visit https://bitcoineras.com.

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