Looking For a Rehab Centre – The Four Questions You Need to Ask

Updated on July 2, 2020

Drug and alcohol addictions are some of the biggest problems that the society is facing today.  In fact, almost every family has a relative who has been affected by this problem. Although treating addiction is very challenging, getting the right care at the addiction centre can be very helpful towards recovery. Before booking into an addiction centre however, there are some questions that you need to ask. These questions are going to help you decide on the choice of the best drug and alcohol addiction centres such as https://www.lifeline.org.uk/. You could also find Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab centers in your area by doing a simple search online. Below, we will look at those questions. 

How much will the treatment cost?

The amount of money that you will spend at the rehab centre is dependent on the location, the kind of program offered and the facilities available.  There are many types of rehab centres on the market. To begin with, there are high end rehab centres that resembles a luxury hotel. These come with high end services and facilities that cost much higher than the other types of rehab centres. The costs for staying at a luxury rehab centre can top over $50,000 per month. 

There are other standard rehab centres that offer rehabilitation services at very affordable costs. The main focus of these centres is on providing a safe environment for drug rehabilitation at very affordable costs. Although these centres are not as luxurious as high end centres, they offer a good environment for recovery. If you have the budget, you could easily recover at these centres. The costs of treatment at standard rehab centres can average about $15000 per month. 

On the other hand, there are some rehab centres that are run by charity groups. These centres offer treatment services for free. 

What kind of program is offered?

The best rehab centres offer a wide range of programs for addicts. There is no one program that fits all types of addictions. The right treatment program should therefore meet the varying needs of the patient. The program should also monitor patient’s progress from time to time.  

Is the rehab centre located near you?

Location is an important factor to consider when looking for a rehab centre. If the centre is located nearby, you will easily enjoy the support of your loved ones. The good thing is that quality rehab centres are spread all over and therefore, finding the right one should not be a big problem.

Are there post treatment services?

The right program should provide for post treatment care when you leave the rehab centre. This care is important for it installs behavioral change necessary to prevent a relapse. Therefore, before settling for a rehab centre, ask about the aftercare services offered at the centre.


Finding a quality rehab centre can mean the difference between recovery and continuous addiction. Without proper treatment, patients would fall back into a relapse soon after leaving the centres. The questions above will go a long way in helping you decide on the best rehab centre that meets both your needs and budget.  

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