List Of Treatment Programs Available At Oro House Recovery Centers

Updated on January 12, 2021

Oro House Recovery Centers has a large range of treatment programs. Patients enroll here to get the taste of lasting sobriety. In this blog, we give you the exclusive note on top and famous services at Oro House, Log Angles, California.

Read these treatments carefully and see if you need any one of them.

Alcohol addiction treatment

The helpers and psychiatrists at Oro House understand the dire consequences of alcohol consumption. This can severely affect the social, mental, and physical well-being of a person. That is why Oro House, Los Angeles, has both evidence-based and monitored detox services.

Here, you can also solicit in-house or outpatient services in severe or extreme situations. However, the final analysis of such services will be approved by the clinical psychologists assigned to the patient.

Each alcohol addiction therapy or treatment session can be highly personalized on the patient’s demand. The assigned doctor or specialist will recognize the inner problems causing this addiction. Together, doctor and patient form a bond to get past this addiction like a team with strong will power.

Non-12-step rehab treatment

This therapy is a reliable one for those who need a distinctive treatment. So, it is completely different from the conventional method. However, a 12-step rehab program for such patients is ultimately the best.

But some patients do not react to it after multiple consultations or sessions. For them, strictly proven and evidence-based therapies work the best.

So, in Oro’s latest non-12-step program, doctors focus on the real cause. They discern why any psychological or any similar disorders grow in the patient.

At times, family, friends, and loved ones are also involved. This helps in healing the close social circle of the patient together. Moreover, the loved ones of the patient realize what’s been wrong with him/her. Then, they can act responsibly around the patient to avoid any more mishaps or relapses.

Oro House Recovery Centers initiates this therapy by identifying the underlying problem with the patient. Then, productive and compassionate techniques increase the patient’s self-confidence, self-esteem, willpower, and self-respect.

Medication assisted treatment (MAT)

This is one of the most useful treatments available for patients going through opioid and heroin addiction. During MAT, doctors at Oro House prescribe medications combined with behavioral and counseling sessions.

However, MAT can be used for any drug and substance abuse. In the USA, it majorly focuses on eradicating the problem of heroin and opioid addiction.

With continuous monitoring of patients regarding their behavior and medicine, the aim is to make the patient more productive over the year. These MAT therapies also help women decrease the chances of birth complications, that’s when they get rid of the substance abuse altogether.

The doctors at Oro House understand there can be strong urges to consume opioids and heroin for addicts. It’s not easy. They get it. So, you need to chill and relax. 

They are masters of it. They know how to handle each different and new case of such addiction using evidence-based Medication Assisted Treatment. The success rate at this rehab center has already been quite grateful and evident over the years.

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