Light Filtering Curtains – Impact on Our Health

Updated on September 22, 2020

The modern day man is surrounded by various kinds of electronic equipment and smart gadgets that have made life extremely comfortable. However, at the same time it has taken us away from nature and the many benefits it offers. We have grown accustomed to these new age gadgets and inculcated them in our daily life even though we know that they can be hazardous to health. Among other things, the modern technology driven ambience can also impact our health in different ways. One of the home accessories that can affect our health over a period of time are our curtains or shades.

Many people opt for blackout shades to create a mystic ambience that offers adequate privacy and also makes for a good TV viewing experience. Although these are a great addition to enhance the beauty of your interiors however it is not a good idea to install these in every room. Light filtering curtains are a much better option as they can impact our health in a positive way.

Let us have a look at why these shades are a great choice for your place and how they can boost your health:

Feel the Goodness of Nature

Light filtering curtains are mostly made of thin material that comes in light shades. They allow the goodness of nature to enter your space in various forms:


The bright sunlight gets filtered by these blinds and the room is filled with Vitamin D rich natural light devoid of the harmful UV rays. We all know how important this Vitamin is for our health. It helps in regulating calcium and phosphate in our body and thus maintains our bone and muscle health. And these shades allow you to enjoy its benefits effortlessly.


These are also a great medium to allow the fresh air inside without hampering our privacy completely. You can push open the windows and enjoy the cool breeze during early morning as well as evening hours without raising the shades. This is a great way to increase the oxygen level in your house and keep it well-ventilated. Fresh air is a great way to boost overall health and mood. 

Read/Write/Work in Natural Light

Natural light is considered best for studying. Your eyes do not feel strained when you read or write in proper daylight. When you have light filtering curtains installed at your place there is no need to turn on florescent light or bulb as your place will be filled with ample of light.

So, you see installing these curtains can have a positive impact on your overall health.

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