Legal Marijuana in California—5 Things You Need to Know

Updated on December 23, 2020

It’s no longer news that marijuana is legal in California. However, some California counties and cities have different medical and recreational marijuana laws governing the use of hemp. Having a snapshot of these laws will prevent you from being a sitting duck to law enforcement agencies. There are 5 basic things you need to know before you walk into any California Dispensary, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, knowledge of these basic things will empower you.

Hemp is Not for Everyone

You must be 21 years and older to purchase marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, whether you’re a California resident or not. This means it is illegal to give marijuana to minors. However, adults between the age of 18-21 can use it only on a physician’s recommendation to treat serious medical conditions such as AIDS, arthritis, glaucoma, seizures, cachexia, multiple sclerosis, anorexia, or any other disease associated with chronic pain. 

Though Legal, be Careful Not to Violate State Laws

Though marijuana is legal now in California, some areas are still off-limits when it comes to marijuana use. It’s still illegal to smoke it in areas where smoking generally is prohibited. Areas such as restaurants, bars, public buildings, workplaces, etc! It is also illegal to smoke it on federal lands such as a national park, public airports, post offices, etc.

While you can consume marijuana in your private space, other property owners are at liberty to ban its use on their property. This means you may still get into trouble smoking on property owned by unhappy landlords.  

Furthermore, you’re allowed only 28.35 grams of cannabis on you and 8 grams as a concentrate. If you possess more than these amounts, you may go to jail for up to 6 months or be made to pay a fine of $500. 

Forget What You See in Movies

Even if marijuana is legal in the state you’re traveling to; it’s still illegal to travel with it. Forget what you see in movies, you’re not allowed to smoke or ingest it while operating a vehicle or while in any vehicle for that matter. 

Possessing a pot for sale or traveling with it with the intent of selling it without a license means you’ll be spending up to 6 months in jail or/and asked to pay a fine of $500. Things can escalate pretty quickly, especially if you’re a sex offender, you’ve been convicted at least twice for sale/transportation of marijuana, you knowingly sold or attempted to sell to someone below 21, or in possession of more than the required amounts. If you’re found guilty of any of these crimes, you could be locked up for a while.

Want to Grow Weed?

You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to grow cannabis in your backyard. It doesn’t quite work that way. There are rules and regulations to abide by. 

First of all, you must be 21 and over to cultivate a maximum of 6 marijuana plants. And, it must be in a secure location, away from the public (unless under some local regulations). This infers that any person who grows, cultivates, and harvests more than the required amount will be guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Plus, you can be a serious offender under the federal laws if you’re a large-scale trafficker. 

Biggest Legal Marijuana Market in the World

According to a new study, California now has the biggest legal marijuana market in the world. In 2019 alone, the state racked up a whopping $3.1 billion, which is bigger than the GDP of many countries. Factors such as the state’s high population and the lucrative tourist industry existing there have contributed to the successful marijuana market. 

A stroll through some of the counties in California shows many California Dispensaries cater to both medical and recreational use of hemp. However, you should note that dispensaries only for medical use will not serve you unless you have a medical ID Card on you or a physician’s report. Knowing these five facts might help you stay out of trouble before you walk into any California Dispensary or own one yourself.

If you want to tap into this huge potential that legal marijuana provides in California, then you should give thoughts to starting a California dispensary. Running one isn’t rocket science and you can visit the dispense hemp site to get started on your journey. 

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