Learning How to Overcome Fitness Challenges Post Breast Cancer

Updated on April 6, 2019

We understand that breast cancer is constantly on the rise. It could affect women across all age groups. Every year it is believed that one in every eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer. Everybody is supposed to know somebody who is a breast cancer patient. After going through the stress of breast cancer treatment and surgery, you are both emotionally and physically drained. You need to rebuild your strength and regain your fitness to overcome the challenges of leading a healthy and active life after breast cancer. Adequate rest, stress management, and exercise under professional guidance are necessary for fast healing and boosting overall well-being while the cancer treatment is on or post the treatment. 

Exercise is the Key to Fitness

Several studies have revealed the fact that exercise is good for improving the overall quality of life and developing more tolerance of symptoms. As per https://www.healthline.com, “Feel free to exercise at your own pace.” Start physical activity gradually and go on increasing it each day. You may consider parking your car slightly away from your hospital so that you could walk a few additional steps. This way gradually, you could start incorporating more aggressive exercises after consulting your physician. Remember even the slightest endeavor would keep you emotionally and physically more active and fit. You may need to shop ELISA kits to make sure that there are no traces of breast cancer.

Start Practicing Diaphragmatic Breathing

You must focus on specifically your breath while performing the exercises as that would minimize stress and tension. Another effective way of reducing stress and anxiety is deep breathing as it would be signaling your brain to relax. While undergoing cancer treatment, it is important to reduce stress for boosting the recovery or healing process. 

Indulge in 30 Minutes of Physical Exercise 5 Days per Week

Choose a physical activity which you are sure to enjoy over an extended period of time and wish to do it frequently. In case the physical activity you are indulging in does not give you any pleasure or fun, you would stop doing it after a while. So if you wish to develop a regular habit, choose something that relaxes you and you enjoy doing it. You may start with a low-impact aerobic exercise or just walking initially for short spells of just 10 to 15 minutes around three to even five days every week. You must go on doing your normal physical activity. You could reduce the intensity and duration if you are not feeling well enough.

Concentrate on the Fascia

Fascia mobility is crucial for normal musculoskeletal system functioning. Our fascia is actually made up of water, collagen, and elastin, and surrounds neurovascular bundles, organs, muscles, etc. Basically, you must understand that your fascia actually surrounds each and every structure present in your body. When the fascia network is inhibited because of repetitive movements or trauma, tension would be transmitted as a result, all along your fascial planes. When chronic pain is being experienced by a breast cancer patient, it happens from a scar tissue buildup and because of a buildup of the really dense restricted fascia. Once the fascia is supposed to be free, your body would start moving more freely. Massage therapy could be helpful in fascial release.

Concentrate on Exercises to Boost Core Stabilization & Shoulder Strength

Your fitness regimen must include a broad spectrum of workouts that assist in building shoulder integrity and core stability & strength. If you make these your utmost priority, it would make a huge difference in your recovery process. Resistance bands could be an invaluable and cost-effective tool throughout the rehab process.


You need to constantly remind yourself that your body has gone through a lot and has just endured. So you need to be patient throughout the process. Do not expect overnight results. You are fighting a tough battle so, remain motivated and do not lose your concentration or determination. Do not be disheartened if you are not able to go to your usual peak form. You would soon get back to your normal form or fitness and leave the trauma of breast cancer way behind. You would soon be setting and achieving new records and new heights in your health and wellness journey.

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