Learning About Male Hair Transplants with Dr. Epstein

Updated on February 9, 2020

Have you ever had a friend or colleague show up flaunting his newly transplanted hair? I am sure that it will take a while for you to get over that first sight especially if it had been a long time since you have seen that colleague of yours with the same luster on top of his head. Male hair transplants are indeed a life saver in the context of life being the rest of it and saving as the act of evading the old man stereotype that we all thought, too surely, we had to face one day.

Even to the lens of a person with least experience in the world of fashion and grooming, baldness and having a full set of hair are magnitudes apart in terms of beauty. Unless of course if baldness works for you, in which case, congrats on being one of the lucky few. The risk of course is having your friends and family casting doubts on your hair and thinking it might be a wig or a toupee. However, if you are close enough to that person to allow him or her to do a quick pull test, then it would all be worthwhile. And not to worry about people you are not close to as they would simply think that you are just a different person. Because that is simply how hair works. A simple bundle of melanin on top of the head could transform you into an entirely different person.

I have tried having hair transplant myself and in the process I have learned quite a few things and here they are.

“But we simply do not know what Male Hair Transplant is…”

Before the actual procedure, I did what every diligent former student should always do. And that is to do research on the procedure long before I hear the snap of the surgeon’s gloves. During that process, I realized that I know nothing about it and it made me glad that I went back to my roots as a researcher even more.

To put it simply, professionally done male hair transplant will not include a shaver and it will definitely not include glue. A generation ago, the older people would not have the ability to know about a complex procedure so their misinformation on the matter should be forgivable. At this age however, there is no excuse to forego even a simple online search before spouting nonsense.

Another common misconception is that hair transplant is often done by getting hair sold by other people and putting it on yourself. While it is definitely possible, it might be a bit difficult to pull off. It is more common today to perform hair transplant that transfers hair from parts of your head that still grows it into your bald spots. As with organ transplants, hair transplant would have compatibility issues and complications that are simply not worth it even if it was your hair that you are trying to fix.

Finally, you can keep your scissors from other hairy parts of your body because there is no way that you can transplant bundles of hair from those areas into your scalp. Aside from being a very gross concept in itself, some of the science simply prohibits it.

You are forgiven if you had thought one of these is actually fact. Even my intelligent friends are oblivious to, or simply do not care about, what goes on in actual male hair transplants. In reality, hair transplant might be a lot more straightforward than you think. Usually, the surgeon would pluck a few thousands of hairs from other parts of your head, usually in the back, then attach it to more visible places like right on top of your forehead. This way you correct the genetic mistake of having irrationally thick full hair for all your viewers from your back to see while having less than a hair for everyone in front of you.

Male Hair Transplants Work and They Work Well

Surgeries, especially those that are far down the medical priority lane, are often looked at with a little bit of disapproval. They do not think that it would be worth it to cut open your body to just for the gratification of being beautiful again. I even know of one friend whose mother forbade her from having brain surgery despite her worsening eyesight. There are indeed reasons to worry and surgeries should be done only when you are bereft of any other choice. But hair transplant is a bit different and here is why.

While most surgeries involve a knife and cutting open a section of your body, hair surgeries barely even grazes beyond the lower layers of your skin. And some, might not even leave a scar at all. As long as you are with a competent surgeon and have exhausted research both on the procedure and how you would possibly respond to it, then there should be no need for worry.

Finally, male hair transplants do indeed work and are based on a solid scientific ground. This should dispense any notion that the procedure is heavily influenced by guesswork done by beauticians that do not have scientific leanings.

As long as the surgeon is certain after closely examining your hair, and as long as you do as he says in terms of preparation, there should be no reason for you not to expect a fantastic result after the operation is done.

Male Hair Transplants is a Life Changer

I already mentioned how a simple bundle of hair can save your life. But this time, I will tell you how much a life changing experience it has been. There is a saying that a man should only worry about two things, his mouth and his hair. Of course having dazzling eyes and sharp jaw lines will not hurt your cause but I hear most women would agree. In my case, having an unsalvageable tooth gap might have limited my course of action.

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