Learn How to Vape

Updated on October 15, 2019
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New to vaping and want to learn more? Then you are on the right page. This article is all about the basic of vaping and other things that you should know about it.

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Vaping is Different from Smoking

Many people are confused with the difference between smoking from vaping.

When it comes to vape, you heat a kind of e-liquid that is composed of flavorings, vegetable glycerin, glycol, and nicotine. You can also use an oil vape pen. They are considered as a great alternative to smoking. Read more about vaping in this link here. The initial investment can cost more but you will save your health in the end.

The nicotine, carcinogens, and chemicals are more when it comes to smoking. Vaping will not even negatively impact your home’s indoor air quality. Vaping is a safer alternative to deliver your body’s nicotine.

What Does Vape Consists Of

There are a lot of selections out there when it comes to vape or e-cig devices. The good thing is all of these devices have a lot in common. At the very basic level, an e-cigarette is composed of a wire coil that is heated by a lithium battery. In order to draw the e-liquid from the coil, a wick is used. The e-liquid in the coil is vaporized until it can be inhaled. This is pretty much like smoking. Here are some of the specific VPSK to know more.


The device can vary in color, sizes, shapes, and designs. There are a lot of vaping devices that resemble cigarettes. Some of the designs include boxes, tubes, pens, and a lot more. Ultimately, they serve the same purpose which is to connect the atomizer and the battery. This is where the power supply flows.


This is the most important part of the vaping device. There are a lot of devices that use replaceable batteries but there are some that have internal and non-replaceable ones. The rechargeable batteries are often drainable. There are a lot of guides online that can help you choose the right battery for your device.


This is a mixture of vegetable oil, propylene glycol, food flavorings, and glycerin. The juice may or may not contain nicotine depending on the user’s preference. Most of the cigarette smokers will make the switch from cigarettes to vapes with high nicotine content. Over time, they might decide to switch to juices which contain a low content of nicotine. The maximum or recommended amount of nicotine that can satisfy the body’s cravings can be 18mg/ml.


This contains a kind of reservoir where the e-liquid is a help. This is often resistant to heat and it is where one or more wicks and resistance wire coils are located. There are a lot of styles available including rebuildable dripping atomizers, cartomizers, rebuildable tank atomizers, and clearomizers. Each of them has its own pros and cons.


Coils are wires that resemble springs. Their diameters and wrap numbers are often the determinant of how much electricity is needed in order to power the vape device. The coil is also a factor of how much heat will be produced during vaping. Some of the safest coils that are commonly used by many are NiChrome, Nickel, and Kanthal.

Tips in Selecting Your First Mod

There are things that you need to consider when selecting your first e-cigarette. If you are concerned with being discreet, you can go with disposable e-cigs. If this is your first time using vape, you might not want to go to complicated and hybrid construction methods that are common with a lot of experts. There’s also the production of cloud that you need to consider. The most important question that many people tend to ask is the most common prices of vape and e-juice available.

If you are concerned with being discreet, as mentioned above, you can use a cigalike. This is a kind of e-cig that you can use whether you are in public or inside your home. After using it, you just have to dispose of it like the typical cigarette. The end is generally disposable. The drawback to this kind of e-cig is the cost. The good news is that there are some shops that offer cheap prices of these kinds for less than $10. This can be a great option for you if you are an irregular smoker.

If discreteness is not an issue for you, a vape pen is a great option for you. The cartridges are usually pre-filled. You have the option to change the juice according to your preferred flavor anytime you want. You can replace the coils and the tanks are often disposable. You simply can get new coils and tanks whenever you see a need to get new ones. The drawbacks of using vape pens are that they might not be able to produce the vapor that you are looking for. You can consider box mods if you want to have more vapor when smoking.

When it Comes to Customization

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It is important to note that you have to start with the basics before getting mods that you can customize. There are a lot of batteries, tanks, tools, and accessories that you need to know before you can disassemble your vaping device and recreate a new one. Ask an expert if for now, you still don’t have enough vaping background. Practice mod assembly and basic skills in electronics. Read more about vaping and consult other users in order to be on the safe side.

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