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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The new Medicare regulations that were activated on October 1 are extremely worrisome. Conservative estimates suggest that almost every hospital and health system in the United States will lose a minimum of ten percent of their Medicare revenue based on current performance and external Medicare scoring. I can only name a handful of hospitals or health systems in the United States that are fully prepared for this change.

Last year I had the opportunity to attend a two-day program sponsored by ValueCapture and ThedaCare Center for Healthcare at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center; it was a career-altering event. For the first time it became clear to me what actions the C-Suite could take to dramatically improve performance and prepare for the newly implemented requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

This week while traveling in the Southeast, I recalled a courtesy brochure that appeared in my inbox about three weeks ago. Many of you have not seen it and therefore, it is provided here for you (click here). I contacted the leadership of ValueCapture and ThedaCare Center for Healthcare inquiring about any remaining openings and was assured of availability. Further, as a professional courtesy to me, they will honor the early enrollment price; lower than the standard fee if you act promptly. Please keep in mind that these sessions are intended for CEOs; however, I encourage anyone to review the brochure and forward it, along with this email, to the CEO of your organization. I highly endorse this program!

Trust me, this two-day session could save your hospital or health system, save your job and enrich your career. I strongly urge you to enroll in this program!

Jan R. Jennings, MHA, FACHE
President and CEO
American Healthcare Solutions
724.337.3011 x.0459

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