Lasik: A Long-lasting Solution to Your Vision Defects

Updated on March 26, 2019

Are you suffering from an eye problem and want to get rid of this with a long-lasting remedy? You may find Lasik as a good option then. And if you are in Portland, you don’t have to worry at all. This American city has some of the best medical facilities that specialize in this treatment. Lasik, a laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, is recommended in case of the following eye conditions:

  • Myopia: An eye disorder in which distant objects appear hazy, while close objects clear. Another name for this condition is short-sightedness.
  • Hyperopia: A person detected with far-sightedness can see distant objects clearly.
  • Astigmatism: In this type of eye disease, one experiences blurry vision irrespective of the object being close or far.

Things to know about Lasik

In this treatment, ophthalmologists use a sharp laser to change the shape of the cornea, the dome-shaped, transparent front layer of your eye, for vision improvement. Eye conditions, such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia, occur when the light does not refract properly through cornea while contacting the retina and thus results in blurriness. With this laser therapy, doctors ensure that there is proper contact between the light beam and the retinal surface by reshaping the frontal tissue of your eye. They create a thin corneal flap with the help of the laser; remove some tissue underneath, and then cover this area back with the flap. The ophthalmologist has to take stock of the few factors before determining the amount of tissue he needs to remove. These include:

  • The prescription for eyeglasses or contact lens
  • The corneal shape of the patient
  • The quality of light passing through the eye

Lasik can take approximately 30 minutes or less to complete for one or both eyes in a single session.  As it is performed in the awake condition, the patient is administered eye drops to anesthetize his eye area at the beginning of the surgery.

Post-surgery care and recovery

There can be pain or an itching or burning sensation in your eyes post-surgery. You can also have blurry vision. But don’t worry as it might take two or three months for overall improvement of the eye.

Doctors, usually, prescribe eyedrops for pain relief after the surgery. You can also be given an eye cover to use at night until the area heals. Make sure to follow up with your doctor after one or two days of the procedure to check about the healing. Furthermore, regular check-ups for the first six months are crucial. During these visits, you can ask the doctor if you can go swimming, use hot tubs, or apply eye make-up.

One of the best things about laser eye correction is 8 out of 10 people get rid of their contact lens or eyeglasses after undergoing it. However, results may vary from patient to patient based on their health conditions. For a piece of expert advice, you can contact Lasik surgeon in Portland – Dr. Crews, who has already performed many successful surgeries in this area.

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