Laser hair removal treatment gives you long lasting hair removal

Updated on December 12, 2019

Laser hair removal procedure is more effective than the traditional procedures of shaving, trimming, and waxing. But the question arises if it is suitable for everyone?  Firstly, laser hair removal might not be ideal for everyone because the treatment is costly. Secondly, most of the doctors concur that the procedure works best for people with fair skin having coarse, dark hair.  Even the experts at Atlanta laser hair removal Blue Divine agree with it saying that those who have blond, red, strawberry blond and white hair or very fine hair may find it hard to get the results they look for. And there is a reason for it. But before we delve deeper, we must first understand what the procedure is all about. 

How the procedure works

The doctor directs the laser light at the area of hair removal, and the pigment in the hair follicles absorbs the light. As a result of the light absorption by the pigments, heat is generated, and when there is enough heat, it will destroy the hair growth center in the follicle. Destruction of the hair growth center prevents new hair from growing, and this is unique for the treatment because no other hair removal process can assure it. That is the reason why the treatment lasts very long, almost of a lifetime, depending on the health condition of individuals.

Lengthy procedure

You must invest time as well as money because the treatment is costly and takes about a year to complete with sessions scheduled after 4-6 weeks. The results will show up much later, and you must have the patience to enjoy the fruits of perseverance. Giving time for the treatment ensure that it uproots hair that keeps growing continually after every session so that the repeated efforts of destroying the hair growth centers in the follicles finally ensure that there will be no more hair growth.

The interval is necessary to match the hair growth that goes through a cycle of resting and growth, and the laser light is not effective during the resting cycle. During this phase, since the absorption of light is low, heat generation is also low, and consequently, the rate of hair removal is low too.

At least 6 sessions would be necessary to carry out the procedure effectively, which means that it could take about 9 months to complete the treatment. 

Approximate cost

Based on the cyclic growth of hair, 6 sessions are the least requirement to ensure 80% removal of unwanted hair regardless of the area of application.   Hair removal from upper lips could cost you between $150 and $250 for each session, and for larger areas like back and full legs as well a bikini and Brazilian bikini, the cost would be about $1200, $500 and $700 per session respectively. The cost is only indicative, but even it is slightly less in some places, the procedure is quite costly.

The cost has a relation to the number of laser pulses required for the procedure because doing an upper lip needs just a few pulses, while for full leg treatment, it would need at about 1500 pulses.  

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