Laser Eye Surgery: What You Ought To Know

Updated on February 17, 2020

If you have eyesight challenges, then you perhaps know the struggle with using contacts and glass. Talk of challenges like glasses not sitting right behind the ears or the constantly fogging that is quite irritating. This is where laser eye surgery, otherwise, known as Lasik eye surgery can help. Let’s break down more about laser eye surgery and its benefits. 

What is laser eye surgery?

This is a form of medical surgery that uses a laser to correct sight complications such as short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism. When using this technique, microscopic amounts of tissue are removed from the cornea to restore healthy eyesight. Eventually, you will not need the glasses or contact lenses to be able to see clearly. 

When to consider laser eye surgery?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider the operation. One of the main reasons being avoiding the inconveniences that come with wearing contact lenses and glasses. Lasik eye surgery is a good solution if you engage in activities that cannot be performed well when wearing glasses or contact lenses, like athletics or swimming, etc. It’s also the best procedure if you also cannot wear glasses or contact lenses due to cosmetic reasons, among others. 

There are some prerequisites to this procedure, though. For instance, age can affect the success rate of this surgery. A good example is that special considerations are taken for patients over 40 years. If you have diabetes or suffering from immune diseases or rheumatic conditions, the procedure is also slightly different. 

Advantages of laser eye surgery

1. It is not painful

Contrary to common misconceptions, the operation is not painful. Usually, the surgeon uses a dose of eye drops to the eye. The drops are anesthetic thus you will only feel numb around the eye

2. It is non-invasive 

Two types of surgeries involve using a laser; one does not touch the eye, and the other does. Nonetheless, both techniques are non-invasive, meaning it does not cause other damages to the eye that are assumed to cause blindness. Depending on the type of technology used, eye complications can be corrected within a few minutes. 

3. Quick results 

The operation gives immediate results with a very good success rate. Moreover, patients who undergo surgery can carry on daily errands, such as driving the following day. This is due to the quick results and the fact that the eye will not be bandaged. That’s not all; the eyesight gets better with time, meaning you will no longer need contact lenses or glasses either immediately or a few weeks after the surgery. 

4. A permanent solution 

How would you feel about not wearing contact glasses ever again? Well, that is what you will get after undertaking the eye surgery. Unless the eyesight declines as you age, you will be fine for a long time. 

Final word

Lasik eye surgery has a lot of benefits. That’s why it’s a great solution and an alternative to contact lenses and glasses.  

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