Know the essential benefits of self-watering planters

Updated on September 11, 2020

Gardening looks simple, comfortable and relaxing! However, the art of gardening has nuances that need to be studied with attention to minor details, like the best hydroponics nutrients to get. Gardening today is categorized into traditional and modern tactics. So, if you happen to be a non-traditional gardener, then it is essential that you would search for an alternative option to the conventional “spade-in-the-ground” gardening. And if you are, then the self-watering planters are the best solution for you. 

Understanding self-watering planters

Not many people might be aware of gardening terms self-watering planters. Simply put, it is self-contained raised beds, which showcases in-built reservoirs that supply the water to the plant roots as well. Especially, designed keeping in mind a wide variety of plants and flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits there isn’t any urban environment that is either very big or small for the self- watering planters. If you intend to plant a single vegetable, such as a tomato, then you can search for “how to use a tomato planter” and get adequate information. 

Advantages of self-watering planters

1. Helps in water conservation

The self-watering planters have been designed in a way to reduce water loss through evaporation. The water present in the reservoir has a soil cover atop it that preserves it. Hence, it doesn’t get evaporated soon. Additionally, the water gets released in the soil at a very slow pace. There isn’t any excess that should get drained off regarding the traditional pots.

2. Retaining the soil nutrients

When you are making use of a traditional plant container, while watering the plant, the excess water gets drained through the hole located right at the bottom. However, when there is excessive water drain, the soil nutrients also get lost. Hence, it is essential to nourish the soil using fresh organic matter. Using self-watering planters this trouble is one of the least issues that you need to worry about. The closed systems retain the nutrients inside the actual movement. 

3. Helps to grow the root in a healthy way

Healthy roots need sufficient and intense watering. However, this might heighten the scopes of the risks of water stagnation and might lead to the roots getting rotten inside the traditional pots. The self-watering planters are an efficient solution as it allows constant watering at all level inside the pot. And there isn’t any danger of stagnation and root rotting. 

4. This gardening process is entirely hassle-free

Regarding the gardening ease, the self-watering planters provide immense ease. The planters make watering an occasional concern. Also, when you are opting in for an extended vacation, you can go without any worries about your plants and gardens getting affected.

5. It helps to secure your exotic and delicate species

Certain exotic species and plants need to get water on a constant basis so that they can survive through the extremes of climate. When you make use of self-watering planters, developing such species and taking good care of them is much easier. It is because the watering planters ensure that there is a regular supply of water. 

Keeping these five benefits mentioned above in mind, you can decide whether you want to opt-in for the self-watering planters. You can always gather news from other sources before you invest in one. 

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