Keep Allergies At Bay With Regular Mattress Cleaning Services In Singapore

Updated on August 25, 2020

Are you worried about the coming season due to allergies? Spring is a beautiful season where you get to see many colorful flowers blooming.

But it is also the main reason for allergic problems. You see, flowers release pollen grains into the air. It can trigger allergic reactions for many people.

If you are facing wheezing, itching redness of the eye, especially at night, you should engage mattress cleaning services in Singapore to check out your mattress.

Why cleaning mattress is important?

When you sleep at night, you can sweat. The sweat is absorbed by the mattress and it gets damp. It provides the perfect environment for fungal growth.

On top of that, you have skin cells multiplying continuously. The dead skin cells fall on the bed. These are treats to dust mites, and it will attract them.

If there is plenty of food, dust mites will settle on the mattress where they eat and poop. It will eventually become a huge issue for you. You will show asthma symptoms and will have trouble sleeping.

Bacteria also enjoys the dampness and dead skin cells on the mattress. It can make the mattress its breeding ground. If things are worse, it can also attract bed bugs, which are much difficult to deal with. Bed bugs can spread everywhere in your house, and can only be removed properly by professional pest control.

How can your mattress make your allergies worse?

Dust mites love moisture, dead skin cells, and warmth. Hence your mattress is a suitable home for these creatures.

They shed their skin and poop on the mattress. Both can make your allergies worse. You may face breathing difficulty. Along with that, dust mites can contribute to dust build up in the indoors.

What can I do to keep my allergies at bay?

Hygiene is the best way to fight off these harmful pests. You can try the following practices;

Clean beddings once a week

If you are allergic, then washing the beddings once a week should keep you healthy. However, you must get 100 percent pure cotton sheets. Other beddings may have chemicals that can trigger allergies, and we don’t want that.

Keep dust mites away

You can use a woven mattress protector, it will keep dust mites away from the mattress. You can also try to vacuum the mattress every time you change the bedsheet.

Don’t keep stuffed toys on your bed

Stuff toys can attract dust mites and are suitable for them to grow on. Hence, keeping them in the bed with only give your more dust mites than usual. Keep them away from the bed and store them in a bin with proper covers.

Use an air purifier

Air purifiers can get rid of the allergens from the air and make it safer to breathe. The particles enter the air purifier and get filtered, leaving the fresh air for you to breathe in.

Shower before bed

A shower before bed can wash away allergens that have build up on your body all day. So, you can sleep comfortably with no problems.

Final words

If you clean your mattress and beddings regularly, you can get rid of the particles that could cause allergy. It can save you from lots of health problems.

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