Kane Glen Hazel’s ‘Voices for Veterans’ Educates on Benefits


The Kane Regional Center in Glen Hazel hosted a free seminar entitled “Voices for Veterans” on November 8 with the goal of educating veterans and their families about benefits and programs available to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

“We stressed the education of veterans, their families and widows about the benefits that are available that they might not otherwise know about,” said Bill Lalonde, Kane Regional Center Community Outreach Representative. “These veterans and their families have sacrificed so much during their service to our country. It’s only appropriate we do everything we can to assist them and educate them about such programs and benefits.”

The seminar addressed some of the difficulties that face our country’s veterans and explored the benefits and hospice services available to them. The 25 vets and their families also were treated to breakfast at Glen Hazel.

“Veterans do not have to stand alone in the battle for benefits and medical care,” was the theme of the seminar.

Speakers included: Stephen Dennison, Department Service Officer, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, The American Legion Regional Office; Colleen D. Bratkovich, Esq., of Zacharia & Brown Elder Law Attorneys; Robert Liken, CPC, CTS, President of Liken Home Care; Bill Backa, Community Liaison, Gateway Hospice; and Lalonde.