Issue 9 Now Online


Our latest issue is now online. Thanks again to those of you who sent in submissions for the September issue.

If you have any articles or press releases to submit for our future issues, below are the upcoming focus areas:

October (deadline-Oct. 10): Looking Ahead, Cameos of Caring (Nursing), Eldercare, Legal, Marketing & Public Relations, National Physical Therapy Month, Case Managers Week, National Breast Cancer Week

November (deadline-Nov. 10): Looking Ahead, Education, Rehab, Technology, Medical Trends in Supplies/Equipment, National Hospice Month

December (deadline-Dec. 10): Looking Ahead, Community Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Pediatrics, Eldercare

Here are our submission guidelines.  In addition to publishing your articles in print, we’ve started to post your articles and news on our website and promoting that content to our 6,500 social media connections. We hope that has given you more exposure for your organization.

Finally, we’re wrapping up our 25th anniversary celebration in a couple months. We’d love to get your thoughts on how Hospital News has helped position your brand in front of our audience over the years. If you’re interested in submitting a brief testimonial, we’d greatly appreciate it. Please send us your comments along with your photo, and we may publish it in a future issue. Email [email protected] or [email protected].