Is Vaping CBD safe & legal?

Updated on November 1, 2019

CBD oil is the newest health trend sweeping the nation. With medical and recreational cannabis use becoming much more widely accepted, research and advocates of the health benefits of CBD are becoming more and more prominent. There are a huge number of health benefits gained from the use of CBD.

Such as:

  • Anxiety Relief and Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved mood
  • Joint Mobility
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Major Reduction In Epilepsy Episodes

These are just some of the major health benefits, there are too many benefits to list properly here.

One of the main benefits of vaping CBD, is the fact that consuming the CBD in vape form increases the bioavailability of the chemical. Or in simple terms, vaping allows you to absorb more of the chemical without wastage.

However, due to the history of the law around marijuana and its derivatives, people do now know what the law is surrounding this miracle chemical. And I’m sure you are wondering if there are any detrimental effects to your health from vaping CBD. If you have come to find out if vaping CBD is safe and legal, we have you covered.

So let’s jump right in.

Is CBD vape legal?

CBD products seem to have popped up everywhere, there are CBD treats for dogs, CBD massages , lotions, sprays and even candles. So what does the law say?

The legality around CBD has always been a grey zone. Technically, since January 2019, with the introduction of the Farm Bill, if your product contains less than 0.3% THC and comes from the hemp plant, it is federally legal. Out of the 50 states, it is legal in 47. `The exception being Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota, where it is illegal. But even Nebraska and Idaho are making movements towards legalization.

Make sure you are buying from reputable sources, such as Knockoutcbd’s CBD Juul Pods , and you will be fine.

What are the dangers of vaping CBD oil?

The dangers surrounding vaping CBD oil, are exactly the same dangers that surround normal vape fluid. The main dangers that mostly occur are due to operator error. If you are using low-grade equipment or low-grade oil, you are rolling the dice with your own health. Make sure you use the correct batteries and take care of your devices to avoid mechanical failure and damage.

Many of the difficulties surrounding the CBD vape oil industry originate from poor regulation over the original vaping market.

Technically, no risk should arise from vaping, which is just a vapor being created from a substance being heated to high temperatures.

Another potential risk is the fact that it is hard to get an accurate dosage when vaping, as inhalation is a much more efficient way to get active drugs into the system.

Vaping is still a relatively new industry and there is not much study of the long term health effects.

How does vaping CBD make you feel?

So now we have discussed the health benefits, and the legality of vaping CBD oil. Another question we get a lot is how does vaping CBD actually make you feel.

Most people assume that taking CBD through any delivery method would lead to the same results.

It is definitely not this simple. Luckily there has been a massive influx in the information surrounding the CBD. This is because vaping CBD is becoming one of the most popular methods for consumption.

One thing is certain, vaping CBD brings upon the fastest onset of CBD effects.

Another thing to be clear on, vaping CBD will not get you high in the conventional way that smoking marijuana will do.

So what benefits do you actually get from vaping CBD?

We touched briefly on the health benefits earlier in the article, so now let’s explore the different effects in detail (Source

Anxiety Relief

In a world of over-prescribed and potentially dangerous anti-anxiety medications, such as Xanax and Valium, CBD is probably the best natural and risk free alternatives.

After several studies, it has been proven that those that suffer from social anxiety see a drastic improvement in their anxiety after administering some CBD.


Perhaps the biggest reason for CBD use, is its incredible pain killing effects. Some users have suffered from chronic pain for several years. Many of them have been through the roller coaster that is opiate painkiller prescription, and still suffer immensely.

Then CBD came along.

Many of them started administering CBD daily and are now completely painkiller free. Imagine being prescribed some of the most potentially harmful drugs available by your doctor, now imagine that you can take a natural chemical like CBD, and become almost pain free.

Well that is what is happening all across America right now.


In almost every major medical condition, Inflammation plays a part. Asthma, Arthritis and joint pain all the way to coronary disease and Alzheimers, Inflammation has role in them all.

Inflammation happens as a natural response to a threat to the immune system.

As well as the painkilling effect, CBD also has a positive effect on Inflammation by controlling the Endocannabinoid systems. The body produces something called Cytokines, these proteins are a trigger for Inflammation. Studies have shown that CBD disrupt the production of Cytokines.

Another way that CBD oil works is through binding TRPV1 cells throughout the body, I wont blow your mind with too much science talk but TRPV1 cells regulate temperature and Inflammation in specific parts of the body. By binding to these cells CBD can significantly reduce Inflammation symptoms by disrupting the transmission of brain signals.

Mood Enhancement

CBD is a Neuroprotective an Antipsychotic and a mild Antidepressant.

CBD may protect brain health, preserving brain cells by increasing oxygenation. And while researchers are still not 100% sure on why CBD seems to work as an Antidepressant/ Antipsychotic, many of them believe it has something to do with Dopaminergic transmission

CBD also supports Hippocampal Neurogenesis, which is the growth of new neurons in the brain hippocampus. This helps us moderate mood disorders.

Another huge benefit to our mood, is our sleep quality. Luckily for CBD users, CBD is a great way to combat insomnia. It has been shown to restore REM sleep, which is crucial for brain function recovery during sleep.

Reduction in epileptic episodes

People who suffer from Epileptic episodes, have been preaching about the benefits of smoking marijuana for years.

In more recent years, with advancements in knowledge, acceptance and technology we have learnt that the main reason for that was actually the CBD not the THC in marijuana.

CBD has a better anticonvulsant profile and is largely devoid of psychoactive effects. It is also a lot harder to abuse.

Evidence for the anti-convulsive properties of CBD reached a huge turning point in the research field over the last few years. 3 trials were conducted to a high-standard, in these studies CBD was found without a shadow of a doubt, to reduce seizures in test subjects.

This is a massive advancement for the treatment of epilepsy. Especially for children, who it was unethical to prescribe medical cannabis to in the past.

This is made evident in the heart warming study of Alfie Deacon.

Alfie is an 8 year old boy in the United Kingdom, last year he made headlines due to his story around CBD.

Alfie was born with extremely severe epilepsy. During the peak of his illness he would suffer from up to 75 seizures a day. Let that sink in, that meant Alfie and his poor family might have to deal with up to 27,375 SEIZURES A YEAR!

After heading to the Netherlands to escape the UK’s strict law against CBD, Alfie received treatment in the form of CBD Oil.

What followed was miraculous. 8 months passed and Alfie didn’t have a single epileptic episode….. Not one, in 8 months.

Whilst some of the health benefits are contested by scientists, the ability to combat Epileptic fits cannot be denied. In my opinion it should be available to anyone suffering from Epilepsy, no questions asked.


So should you vape CBD Oil?

Despite all the research already done, there is still a ways to go before CBD oil becomes accepted as the medicine that it is.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, you should definitely thing about administering CBD in some way.

Even people with no health issues may see huge health benefits from vaping CBD oil.

Now that you have got the facts about the legality and health risk of vaping CBD oil, we hope you can make your own educated decision on whether to use CBD oil.

Our suggestion for CBD Vapes if you decide to go that route are Knockoutcbd’s Products. These are the highest quality pods we have seen this far.

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