Is There a Cure for Addiction?

Updated on April 25, 2022

Recovery is a process, it is not always a destination. When we talk about recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders, the question that people mostly ask is: “Is there a cure?”

It makes sense to look for a medicine or a treatment program that guarantees absolute recovery. After all, nobody wants to remain in that pain for the entirety of their life. 

However, while a quick pill for addiction does not exist, there are many options for a person to continue living a life free of alcohol or substance dependence.

The Difficulties Of Living With Addiction

Alcohol and substance use disorders have detrimental effects on one’s quality of social, educational, and professional life. 

One’s days and nights become filled with the sole purpose of seeking the treacherous euphoria provided by harmful substances. 

In such a state, the person loses all sense of well-being and after a while, when one finally comes to their senses, they have usually lost a lot of important time, things, and people from their lives. 

Along with this, the mere feeling of having oneself be entirely dependent on a toxic and harmful substance can be a miserable state of mind to be in.

Statistics Of Recovery From Addiction

Within the last year, around 110,095 British people entered recovery treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders. Out of these, 50% were reported to have completed their recovery journey with no remaining indications of alcohol or substance use disorder. 

The people who complete their recovery treatment enter remission. 

This means that while their mind and body are still susceptible to substance use disorders, they are able to lead a normal, healthy, and high-quality life with the help of an adequate support system. 

Their adequate support system might consist of supportive family members, access to a psychologist familiar with their medical history, or support groups. These will help prevent them from relapsing.

The Importance Of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is defined as the process of regaining control of one’s own life and the process of recovery to help one lead a life free of alcohol and substance use dependence. 

There are many online sources available that help people find the best-suited rehabilitation treatment option for themselves., for example, use a mixture of traditional and modern treatment methods and therapies to help people overcome their addiction. 

From detox to withdrawal, to private rehabilitation facilities for alcohol and substance use disorders, they have a refined and organized system in place that helps people find the best kind of assistance they need.

What Is Relapsing? And How To Prevent A Relapse

Relapse is the process of falling back into the same patterns of misuse of alcohol or substance after a period of short-term improvement. People who complete their rehabilitation are prone to relapse. 

Some of the risk factors of relapsing into an alcohol or substance use disorder are as follows:

  • Being in an environment where one is surrounded by harmful substances or alcohol
  • Having a dual diagnosis and not receiving appropriate treatment 
  • Stressful home environment

Relapse prevention is a necessary part of the recovery programmes of alcohol and substance use disorders. 

To make an effective relapse prevention plan catered to one’s own needs, the clients must discuss in detail with their therapists or doctors, the details of their alcohol or substance use disorder. 

Identifying one’s triggers and developing a cognitive approach to dealing with them when one feels close to a relapse can help keep a person safe from addiction for a long time.

Recovery Is Not Linear

Lastly, it is important to remember that recovery is not a smooth and unidimensional road. But rather, it can be rather confusing and difficult. Everyone is prone to setbacks, but what’s important is to keep moving at one’s own pace instead of comparing oneself to others. 

It is also important to keep one’s eye on the long-term goal, which is to live a healthy and happy life. Rehabilitation services are dedicated to working on the personal satisfaction of individuals battling with an alcohol or substance use disorder. 

And one might meet all sorts of people during their process of recovery. One must never get disheartened or discouraged seeing someone else’s pace of recovery. 


#1 While a cure for addiction does not exist, one can definitely lead a happy and healthy life with the help of rehabilitation and support

#2 Living with an addiction can take a deep toll on all aspects of a person’s life

#3 Rehabilitation from excellent private facilities like has helped people find the best kind of assistance they need

#4 Recovery is a rocky road sometimes, one must keep that in mind and keep moving at their own pace to reach their goals.

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