Is Support Pet’s ESA Letter Legit?

Updated on February 3, 2022

There are thousands of people seeking to have their emotional support animals registered every day for them to gain access to different services. However, when the registrations go through, are they legit? 

Are the ESA letters that most people possess today legit? These are questions every person with an ESA letter should ask themselves today.

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Most people are holding ESA letters without them knowing whether the letters are legit or not. The bottom line is that if you did not talk to any licensed mental health or a certified doctor before getting your ESA letter, then you need to start finding out if it is legit.

If you did not talk to either of these professionals, then the letter you are holding is fake and will not be recognized in most places where you want to take your emotional support animal. 

The past few years have seen a rise in the number of websites purporting to register and provide ESA letters, most of which do not provide legit letters.

So, how do you know whether an ESA letter is legit or not?

Instant Approvals for an ESA Letter

Let us assume that you have a dog that you want to register as an ESA dog. You search for websites that can do this for you and after getting one, you are asked a couple of questions. After that, you are certified and given an ESA letter.

Such a letter is not legit. When applying for an ESA letter, you have to talk to a mental health professional or a certified doctor who examines you to see if you are qualified for an emotional support animal letter. 

Extremely Cheap ESA Letters

One rule that should always govern your search for ESA letters is that if you feel that it sounds too good to be true, then you should forget about it. It takes a lot of time and resources to get certified doctors and mental health professionals. 

This means that getting an ESA letter will be expensive since these businesses have to make profits.

If you find a company offering extremely cheap ESA letters, chances are that they are using illegitimate ways to get the ESA letters. Some of them might even ask you to speak with mental health professionals and doctors who are not licensed. 

Others might even get you a letter bearing the name of a doctor who does not exist. If you go through this when getting an ESA letter, then chances are that the letter is not legit.

Websites Offering Registration Only

If during your registration for an ESA letter you came across a website promising to get you an ESA letter and register your pet as an emotional support animal, then you might be holding a fake ESA letter.

If the website claims to register your pet as an ESA and give you an ESA letter without getting you in touch with a mental health professional or a doctor to see if you qualify for an ESA, then that letter is not legit. 

Even if they gave you a registration number on the letter, you need to confirm whether it is legit or not.

Websites or Agencies Offering Certification

You might also come across other websites or agencies that claim to give you a certification for your animal to be an ESA. It is important to note that there does not exist anything like an official certification for an emotional support animal.

You have to see a doctor and get an ESA letter that can prove that your animal is an emotional support animal. If you did not do this, then the ESA letter you are holding is not legit.

More Than A Year ESA Letters

Are you holding an ESA letter that expires after more than one year? If yes, then that letter is not legit. This is because legitimate ESA letters are supposed to be renewed every year.

When renewing, you still have to talk to a mental health professional or a doctor for them to assess whether you still need the ESA letter or not.

ESA Can Go Everywhere

With a legit ESA letter, you can live anywhere where there is no pet policy or any restrictions on living with a pet. If the ESA letter you are holding tells you that you can take your emotional support animal anywhere you want, then that letter is not legit.

However, service animals can be taken to places such as libraries, theaters, restaurants, and other public places. If your letter tells you that you can take your ESA to these places, then it is fake. 

In conclusion, you need to ensure that you have talked to a mental health professional or a certified doctor before getting an ESA letter.

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