Is Second Hand Vape Smoke Harmful

Updated on July 17, 2019

Before going into details, it is important to know about the meaning and effects of vaping. For all those who don’t have much knowledge regarding this habit, you must know that vaping is just like smoking a cigarette, the only difference is that you’re using an e cigarette that is powered by battery and connected with a cartridge that contains flavors like Cosmic Fog ejuice and nicotine. These electronic devices are specially designed to create thick and dense smoke with just one inhale. The huge clouds of smoke spread all around you whether it’s a car or house and it definitely has its effects on the atmosphere and the people around you. All those who take vaping as a less harmful smoking substance, you are highly misunderstood and are completely under the wrong impression.  

What are the immediate effects

All those who have recently shifted to e cigarettes and think that they are doing good to the atmosphere, you are completely delusional. Out of all smoke producing substances, e cigarettes are on top of the list. They not only spread thick and dense smoke all over the area but also leave behind a strange odor or smell that does not go away that easily. If you have children at home and you’re vaping without precaution, you are doing great harm to them. The little ones might have to suffer from headaches, nausea or possible vomiting due to the inhaling of chemical substances that come out from e cigarettes. If you’re driving and vaping, you can be completely blinded by the dense smoke resulting in possible accidents. That is the reason why there’s a fine for vaping in vehicles.   

What does vaping do in the long run

If you’re repeatedly vaping in front of people who don’t smoke, you are slowly deteriorating their health. Since your friends and family members are possibly grown up adults therefore, they may not feel anything at fist. The truth is that unknowingly they are inhaling the dense smoke on a daily basis which can badly effect their lungs and cause breathing problems in the long run. They may experience headache and might experience discomfort while sleeping at night. Since vaping produces large amounts of smoke therefore, it is very important to be careful when there are people around you. The chemicals, nicotine and residue from e cigarettes can easily put anybody at risk even if they’re not smoking.  

How to save others

First of all, you need to understand that vaping on the whole is a dangerous and harmful thing to do. Once you have a clear picture about the causes and effects of vaping, now is the time to take precautionary measures before you start smoking. You can’t just keep harming people around you without knowing the long term effects. If you can’t stop vaping, the least you can do is smoke on the roof or terrace or in a room where there’s nobody around you. It may look and sound cool to smoke e cigarettes, but you are unknowingly effecting the health of your friends and loved ones. 

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