Is Online Gambling Less Stressful than Offline Gambling?

Updated on July 13, 2021
Is Online Gambling Less Stressful than Offline Gambling?

Just as every game has its rewards and losses, so does gambling. Over time, it has gained popularity as a hobby of many and as a leisure activity for others in their spare time. Now, with the advancement in technology, there has been a vast increase in poker lovers all over the world. What was once an outing to be planned, is now available just a click away. That is, those who earlier faced trouble in gambling since they had to travel to the locations, which also meant spending a lot of their time and money, can now up to their savings by enjoying the online versions. Yes, this refers to online gambling, a new feature gifted to us by the wondrous Internet, which has been winning the hearts of poker fans lately. Especially in times such as the current pandemic lockdown, this has surely been a blessing in disguise. 

Virtual Casinos vs. Actual Casinos

Although computers are indeed replacing most of our physical activities with a digital version, thus providing more comfort and convenience, yet, the charm of the original activity remains the same. For instance, an NBA player will never enjoy the mobile version as much as he/she will enjoy the thrill of playing on an actual court. Such is the case with gamblers too, who rejoice in the excitement in an actual casino. However, this is not the case with everyone. There still are those who prefer staying home, relaxing on their couches, and playing online rather than dressing up and commuting to the location. This pandemic alone has taught us many ways to enjoy online life. With that, here are some differences between an online and offline gamble. 

Online Gamble

Bring in the virtual versions of poker, casinos, and slot machines and there you have it, a world of online gambling such as situs judi online. Though this marvelous invention dates back to the late ’90s, it was not until a few years back that this trend began to rise at a faster pace. As people began to dwell on their smartphones, spending a majority of their time on them, the ease of online versions came forward. Below are some significant ways of how online gambling has made life easier:

  • Gamers can easily access a huge variety of poker games online, with many sites offering free versions too, or slot demos such as the Chaos Crew slot and more. 
  • Players do not have the pressure to perform like an expert, as they get to choose their desired pace and difficulty in the online game. 
  • Since this eliminates the hassle of commuting to a location, one can play multiple casino games at once. 
  • Online casinos attract players with mind-blowing bonuses, which not only makes the gaming experience exciting but also promises great rewards and cashback. 
Chaos Crew Slot Game

Offline Gamble

Despite its online competitors winning the race by grabbing more users, the actual casinos provide an atmosphere like none other. Playing on phones and not having to leave the bed sure is alluring, but playing along with real players and a dealer has an unmatched charm. That said, here are the pros of offline gambling:

  • For a poker fan, nothing beats the amusement and sensation of traditional gambling in a casino. Interacting with people and physically playing with the dice and chips is always fascinating. 
  • Unlike the digital cash offered in online casinos, the actual ones offer real cash to their winners. 
  • The environment at an actual casino automatically motivates and encourages one to show their best skills. 
  • Since there are no specific algorithms used in offline gamble, it has better odds than the computer versions. 

The Stress Factor

When it comes to the stress created by games, money is not the only factor that is considered. Many others contribute to making the game either relaxing or full of stress. Gambling, however, is unlike the other games. Since it is played using money itself, there is always a huge risk of losing it, which is prone to triggering stress and anxiety in the players. Hence, there is no avoiding the stress when it comes to casino games. Even so, the other factors involved include:

  1. The internet speed in an online poker, which may result in the players losing their turns or money if the connection is slow or it breaks. 
  2. It causes addiction due to how easily accessible it is. This then can ruin a person’s health, work, and relationships too. 
  3. Actual casinos also contribute to severe alcohol consumption since it is widely available at bars there. 
  4. The posh atmosphere in actual casinos can put an average person under the pressure to appear rich and perform well.
  5. The competitive online wars may put one under the dilemma of ‘I am not good enough’. 

Which one is better?

Considering that both the options come with their set of pros and cons, it is hard to decipher the best one. Yet, the decision to predict the less stressful one may have an answer. Opinions on this may differ, but the fact is, that online gambling has more points pointing towards triggering stress. Even though it is a great alternative to saving the time and cost of travel and still getting to play our favorite games, it comes with a fair share of problems. Since it has no restriction on the playing hours, as one can play for as long as they like on their phones, it is easier to get addicted. Also, as it heavily relies on a stable internet connection to operate smoothly, any disruption in the network can erupt rage in the users if he/she suffers a loss. Furthermore, since the advancement in the tech sector has also seen an increased risk of cyber-attacks and illegal acts, it can also affect online gambling. There have been cases reported where users failed to receive their winnings due to the authenticity of the sites. Yet, the conclusion remains an open-ended discussion, as it more likely depends on a person’s personal needs and preferences to depict which way suits him/her better. 

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