Is growing hemp legalised in UK?

Updated on May 23, 2019

Is growing hemp legalised in UK?

What is hemp?

Hemp is a species of the cannabis, a flowering plant. Cannabis has broad categories and one of them is hemp. It is considered as o e of the strongest fiber in the world. There are several different uses of the hemp which includes textile industry, industrial work, food, beauty products, medicated creams, and products and many more. 

It is a herbal treatment for many things as it is a plant; however, is a very strong and addictive content for drugs. 

Laws in the UK 

Cannabis is illegal in the UK for recreational uses, the UK is the largest of the suppliers of hemp. They are the largest exporters of legal cannabis. The UK also serves as a big name for using hemp in medicines and is considered as the first one to use it in medication with correct methods.

According to laws, growing and harvesting of hemp are a problem, always. In 1993 the UK laws have legalized the growth of hemp and since today it is legal to grow hemp in the UK.  However, this requires a proper license that allows various hemp products legal in the UK to be grown. It also has certain conditions that imply to the laws which include:

•  the content of THC must be 0.2% and not more than that in the plant

• the license must be asked for before commencing the growth

• it must be renewed as soon as it is expired

These laws and conditions are to be implied before the harvesting or growth of hemp is started. If you are planning with growing it on different locations, that would need different licenses, one of the licenses would not work. 

An important thing that is state by the laws is that the hemp can only be harvested for the sake of industrial uses. The misuse of this plant is not permitted. The other part of the plant that can be misused is to be dropped at the place where the license is issued. This means that the whole plant is of no use to people harvesting in the UK. Legalization and laws are to be maintained. 

How to get a license?

Getting a license would require certain things which means when you want to apply for it, you can apply it online to the Home Office Drug store. The things that must be included in the licensee are the name and details, the complete information about the location and area, the amount of THC content it has and a map that shows clearly the area of growing.  

Getting on with a license is not so easy, especially if you want to grow it privately in your garden. That requires a complete process to go with and see permission legally for the growing of hemp. 

Why is hemp not easily, even when it is so beneficial?

Hemp is not easy to within countries due to the fact that it is used by people for drugs, which is a misuse. People would deteriorate their health for which the Government has to take care off. Not only this, but it can be smuggled to different countries, which would not only diminish the reputation of the country but affect so many people around the world. This drug making can only be done with proper licenses provided. 

Not only the the UK, but many other big countries also do not allow hemp growing and harvesting without permissions due to it’s high, strong content. 

Advantages and other products legally sold of hemp 

There are several hemps in the UK. As hemp is an ingredient used by many industries all together where it be food, paper, fiber, or pharmaceutical industries. 

 One of them is the hemp oil. Hemp oil is extracted by the pressing of the cannabis seeds. It has various uses and can be used for many things all together. Hemp oil is extremely helpful for dead and dull skin. Not only this, it is used in soaps and beauty products to provide flawless skin. It is used as a moisturizer and anti-aging creams to make you look younger and fresh. It is also used in hair oils to make your hair better and stronger.  For the benefits, this hemp product is sold with no restrictions in the UK. 

Hemp is used which include medicated creams and medicines too. It is a drug that is used in the medicines to cure illnesses and is supplied to pharmacies legally. The permit license of making medicines would require. The medicated creams to overcome the skin problems as eczemas and psoriasis; itching, redness and swollen skin, to heal that. People are being aware of all the products including hemp and using them. The UK is popular for its the use of hemp in medicines. 

Beauty products including the moisturizing, anti-aging creams, shampoos, soaps, and many other body care products include hemp. These are sold in the UK market with no restrictions or legalization laws. 

Industrial usage is another big use, for which the UK Government has legalized the growing of hemp. It is considered being the strongest fiber and used by industries. Importing fiber in the form of hemp is also legal.

Considering all the above laws and regulations, it can be concluded that hemp is not legal in the UK; whereas growing it requires proper procedure and licensing. It is not easy growing it anywhere and everywhere you like. 

It is a very strong content which can be misused by people around, for which strict check and balance is important for the country. They cannot risk this addictive drug into the local people. It is used as an addiction with marijuana which has harmful effects on one’s health. Despite all the advantages it has, there are certain disadvantages which are strong enough to have legal laws regarding it. You have to get through a long procedure while willing to grow and harvest hemp. 

The several advantages it has out way the cons and makes it a very useful plant. It is multipurpose and used for different tasks. 

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