Is cosmetic dentistry useful?

Updated on May 17, 2020

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most sought-after ways to correct dental imperfections. Use of better technologies, minimum invasive process, and fast recovery makes it even more preferable among patients. Whether your teeth are discolored or unevenly spaced, you can get rid of all the problem with ease. But is it alright to go for this dental treatment without understanding when you need it the most? Here is a brief account of some of the cosmetic dental procedures and their effectiveness in your overall oral health.

Veneers for chipped, worn-out, and unshapely teeth

An uneven gap between teeth can lead to functional issues, while the problem of permanent stains on them can damage the aesthetics of your mouth. Hence, veneers make a good choice in such conditions. These are customized porcelain or plastic covers designed to alter the shape or color of your teeth. The dentist first measures your teeth for the cases and then places them on the buffed teeth. To cement the connection between your tooth and the cover, he uses a light beam.  If you want to find out more information about this, be sure to drop by a reliable and professional dentist, like those from Cape dentistry North eastham.

Crowns for dental health and shape restoration

This cosmetic procedure can correct a broken or weak tooth by restoring its original shape and size. It is also useful for someone, who has undergone a root canal procedure and needs a cap to cover the treated tooth. The crowns or dental caps can be permanent or temporary fixtures. These are slightly expensive, so doctors also recommend them only when no other solution is there. You can choose from metal, resin, ceramic, or porcelain plus metal-based caps for your tooth. Just remember if you can afford, opt for permanent caps. These are comparably long-lasting. 

Braces for crowded or crooked teeth and misaligned jaw

This dental procedure can help solve your irregular bite disorder and jaw-related disorders apart from correcting your crooked or crowded teeth. Braces are mostly made of metal, plastic, and ceramic brackets. Doctors use wire to tie them to your teeth. If you don’t feel comfortable with brackets and wire showing up when your mouth opens, then there is another choice for you. Opt for lingual braces that sit on the backside of your tooth, becoming less visible. Once fitted, the orthodontic cases may take a couple of months or more to position your teeth. This treatment can be a bit risky if you are allergic to metal or any such material or suffer from any gum disease.

Teeth whitening for discolored or stained teeth

Smoking, certain types of medications, some food and beverage habits, such as consumption of coffee or tea – all these can cause your teeth to stain or lose its color. To save your teeth from this trouble, you can turn to teeth whitening procedure. Doctors commonly recommend bleach for cleaning. They provide patients with customized mouthpiece trays that contain the exact amount of whitening solution needed for the teeth. You can try this treatment at home or visit a dental clinic. 

If you live in the US and particularly in Coral Gables, it will be better for you to visit one of the dental clinics there for more knowledge. Coral Gables dental cosmetic clinics use advanced technologies and tools. So, you need not worry at all.

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