Interesting ways to stimulate your brain for better mental health

Updated on June 11, 2021

Much has been made of mental health and how to keep yourself positive over the last twelve months, with stop-start lockdowns and job uncertainty causing significant stress across the board. One of the best ways to combat this, though, is to keep your mind active and stimulate it so that you can come out of it all stronger.


Having an active mind can work wonders for both your mental and emotional health as it can retain and restore brain cells while also helping to prevent long-term lethargy. Psychologists have suggested that having an active mind can help to improve your mental wellbeing, with the less dominant part of your brain allowing you to relax more of an evening shut down, rather than overthinking and stressing yourself out more than necessary.  There are a number of steps that you can take to maintain the health of your brain, such as trying new things or finding innovative ways to complete routine tasks. Just little tweaks to your routine can help to stimulate you mentally, as your brain tries to adapt and find solutions to the tasks it is presented with.

Ways to stimulate

Why not try challenging your brain with different types of puzzles, setting yourself time limits, or adding little tweaks to make it more interesting. Things like this can help to improve cognitive function, which can provide a long-term benefit and help to boost your reaction time. Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and word games can all serve this purpose as you force your brain to perform tasks it wouldn’t normally be doing. Being able to teach your brain new tasks can have significant long-term benefits as it can help with your ability to retain information and can also help when it comes to improving reaction times. Even just taking the time to relax can help as it gives your brain time to switch off and recharge, allowing you to rest properly rather than being on edge all the time. Online games can provide some benefit to this as they break up the routine and force you to solve problems or even just notice patterns. Lucky Nugget Slots can help with the as the different games and reels can force you to adapt to a new play style, but also prompting your brain to recognize different patterns and routines with the slots, improve your cognitive function but more importantly, adding that little bit of excitement just to mix up a routine and shake off the cobwebs.


While sometimes it is easier said than done, don’t underestimate how important it is to have a healthy and active brain. It can provide long-term health benefits that can hopefully stave off any immediate cell deterioration while it gives you the opportunity to try things that you might not normally have thought of. All of these things can be immensely helpful long term, but it is important to maintain it. That way, your mind at least will be ready for anything. 

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