IntegraCare Virtual Ceremony Recognizes Perfect Attendance in 2020

Updated on April 18, 2021

A total of 33 team members had perfect attendance in 2020. Eleven IntegraCare-operated senior living communities located in three states participated during the fifth year of the innovative program. A virtual ceremony was held on Feb. 26 to honor those with perfect attendance.

“We all know the challenging year that was 2020,” said Shannon Joyce, Director of Compensation and Risk Management at IntegraCare. “I am amazed to be able to honor 33 team members for true perfect attendance. We are always so grateful for the hard work and dedication of our teams, and I think that is something that is only heightened in the face of a pandemic.”

Traditionally, one lucky IntegraCare team member with perfect attendance wins a new car as a result of a raffle including names of all those who had weeks of perfect attendance throughout a contest year.

The grand drawing, which plays out on Facebook Live, usually is held in late January. But the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the car giveaway. Other prizes also are awarded based on attendance.

“We will still be giving away a car, but have targeted spring when we may be able to host the majority of the events outdoors and will also have the luxury of a vaccinated work force,” Joyce said. “We know the how valuable this program is to our team members, so we are working hard to find a way to honor the integrity of the program and maintain the safety of our teams.”

Since the CAR Program began in 2016, IntegraCare has recognized 127 team members who had perfect attendance during a calendar year. The number of team members with perfect attendance throughout IntegraCare decreased by two during the pandemic, but had increased steadily the previous four years. Total team members with perfect attendance in CAR Program years were:

  • 2016—15
  • 2017—20
  • 2018—24
  • 2019—35
  • 2020—33

“We believe the virtual celebration this year is important,” Joyce said. “Recognizing those with perfect attendance is a critical facet of the Continued Attendance Rewards Program. With the pandemic preventing us from holding our traditional CAR Program parties and giveaways, we didn’t want to delay the recognition of our team members who had true perfect attendance in 2020.”

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