IntegraCare Motivational Advancement Program (MAP) Helps Team Members ‘Invest in Their Future’

Updated on November 19, 2021

     IntegraCare’s Motivational Advancement Program (MAP) represents an investment in its team members, who in turn have a chance to find career growth opportunities and earn hourly wage increases.

     Pittsburgh-based IntegraCare, which operates 15 senior living communities in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, also implemented a wage increase for all team members throughout its communities on September 1. 

     The Motivational Advancement Program is available to both full- and part-time team members. IntegraCare has approximately 600 hourly employees at its 15 senior living communities.

     MAP consists of 2-level and 3-level programs that present the opportunity for full-time staff to annually earn an additional $5,200 to $8,275, respectively, based on performance metrics. There are two training cycles per year. The inaugural class began in February 2021.

     “At IntegraCare, we value each and every team member,” said IntegraCare CEO Larry Rouvelas. “We tell our team members, ‘We take the journey with you.’ This isn’t just a job, it’s a career.”

     Part-timers with at least 20 hours a week may participate in the program and earn increased compensation at about half of what is offered to those in full-time positions. To participate in MAP, team members must have at least six months of employment at IntegraCare and no performance-based discipline within the past six months.

     “IntegraCare has always been at the forefront of senior living communities,” Rouvelas said. “We were one of the first to require all staff and encourage all residents to be fully vaccinated for safety. We have state of the art technology to reduce the spread of pathogens and make our residents’ lives easier and more comfortable.”

     “Now, we have a robust offering of new and ongoing team member training programs that make sure our team is prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of our residents and position them for future success,” Rouvelas said. “We invest in our team and help them invest in their future.”

     Each training cycle is designed to include no more than 50 participants selected from each of IntegraCare’s 15 communities. Team members may apply or be nominated by a peer or supervisor. The first MAP cycle included 34 IntegraCare team members.

     The training cycles include: One-on-one mentoring; peer support; textbook and online instruction; demonstrations and “return demonstration,” showing that the participant understood and can achieve the task demonstrated.

     “We are caring for residents every day and this speaks to the human spirit,” IntegraCare President Loriann Putzier said. “This is a 24/7, 365-days a year job until the end of time. Because of this we value our employees. Because of this, we implemented a wage increase throughout all of our communities on September 1. The Motivational Advancement Program is another investment in our employees and provides them an opportunity to invest in themselves.”

      MAP gives members of the IntegraCare team the chance to grow professionally within their chosen area of senior care expertise, whether the team member is a Community Experience Ambassador, a Residence Wellness Coordinator, a Cuisineur, a Certified Nursing Assistant or is interested in one of our many other opportunities. As participants reach milestones they receive bronze, silver and gold medals to note each level of certification.

     As MAP participants learn, train and reach established milestones, they become eligible for increased compensation.

      Rita and Dennis Crotzer of Clearfield, Pennsylvania, appreciate the efforts of the IntegraCare team at Colonial Courtyard at Clearfield. Rita’s parents Mary and Charlie Zitzelberger have been residents since August 2019.

      “They feel really comfortable there, and we’re really impressed that everyone in the building knows their names,” Rita Crotzer said. “Mom and Dad are comfortable and they feel safe. Their health is so much better since they’ve been there.”

     The Crotzers noticed a significant difference in Mary and Charlie’s living conditions when compared to their time spent at a different senior community.

     “We’re confident that they’re taking their medicines on time,” Rita Crotzer said. “They are eating well. That hadn’t been the case at the community before they moved to Colonial Courtyard at Clearfield. They love the activities here, and when they were in senior housing previously, they mostly were in their apartment. Now they participate and they feel loved by the staff.”

     When told about IntegraCare’s Motivational Advancement Program, Rita Crotzer said she believes those who care for her parents and other residents are worth it.

     “We were definitely understanding of the raise they received,” Rita Crotzer said. “We knew they were doing extra work. They’ve done things over and above. My parents have thrived and improved. There was a little bump in cost so they could pay the staff the raise. We are fine with that. They deserve it.”

For more information, contact Loriann Putzier, IntegraCare President, at [email protected] or 724.940.5544, Ext. 103.

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