IntegraCare CAR Program Celebrates 5 years

Updated on January 21, 2020

Employees with perfect attendance have chance to win new car

Show up for work. Earn an opportunity to win a new car.

The scenario might sound too good to be true, but for the past five years employees of IntegraCare have participated in an attendance-based contest touting a car as the grand prize.

In fact, IntegraCare’s Continued Attendance Rewards (CAR) Program will award its 12th new car to one lucky team member. The winner of the random drawing will be announced via IntegraCare’s Facebook Live page at 3 p.m. on Jan. 29. He or she will receive the keys to a Ford EcoSport.

“The CAR Program has evolved into a marquee event that brings excitement to our senior living communities each year,” said Eric Walker, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Pittsburgh-based IntegraCare. “Our team members have bought into the program and eagerly await the announcement. The Facebook Live presentation has added even more drama and interest.”

IntegraCare operates 11 senior living communities in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

Last year, Lavonda Patterson, a medical technician who works the third shift at Magnolias of Chambersburg in Pennsylvania had her name drawn from more than 35,000 entries of certified perfect attendance during the 2018 payroll periods. She won a Ford Eco Sport.

“Today was my day. I’m just thrilled about it,” a grateful Patterson said after last year’s drawing.

Previous car winner Sharon Edby of Newhaven Court at Lindwood in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, was among eight winners of a new Ford Focus based on perfect attendance in 2015. “It was unbelievable,” Edby said. “It truly impacted my life.”

That first year of the contest, IntegraCare gave away eight cars – one in each of eight communities participating in that year’s contest. Now, IntegraCare annually rewards one winner with a new car. 

Each of the 10 communities also produces three grand prize winners of items such as a big-screen television, a tablet, one-year Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime membership, vacation time or a Fitbit Versa 2 watch.

“Our dedicated team members come to work every day with the goal of improving the lives of our residents,” said Loriann Putzier, IntegraCare co-founder and president. “The CAR Program made an ‘everyday’ routine such as coming to work just a bit more exciting. The program generated interest and a buzz. Throughout our communities, everyone gathers to watch the Facebook Live announcement. It’s really become an ‘event.’”

The contest also has had an impact on morale and retention:

  • IntegraCare employee satisfaction has improved.
  • IntegraCare employee retention has increased.
  • The number of IntegraCare employees with perfect attendance for a full year was 32 in 2019 compared to 13 in 2016.
  • The percentage of employee turnover decreased significantly at communities such as Magnolias of Lancaster (down 148%); Colonial Courtyard at Tyrone (down 62%); Newhaven Court at Lindwood (down 39%); Newhaven Court at Clearview (down 37%); and The Woods at Cedar Run (down 32%).

“The CAR Program is life-changing for the winners of the new cars,” said Richard Irwin, co-founder and CEO of IntegraCare. “It is just one of the number of ways that we enjoy demonstrating to our team members our gratitude for the great work they do in serving our residents and their families.”

     Guidelines for the CAR Program state that team members will receive a raffle ticket for each payroll period they achieve perfect attendance during the year. For each consecutive payroll period with perfect attendance, all employees received additional tickets equaling the number of consecutive periods of perfect attendance.

     “The CAR Program is designed to improve team member satisfaction,” Walker said. “By coming to work each day, even when you might be having a bad day, you make a difference in the lives of our residents and your fellow team members who depend on you. It’s important to recognize those team members with perfect attendance.”

IntegraCare has made the announcement of the winner an anticipated event watched on Facebook Live by employees throughout the IntegraCare system. 

In previous years, Walker and Beth Garrard, IntegraCare Marketing Associate and Electronic Media Manager, drove to the unnamed community where the winner worked, with video airing on Facebook Live. Suspense built as the drivers neared the destination before finally announcing which IntegraCare community they were visiting.

Finally, the name of the winner was announced and the lucky employee received a set of keys to the new car as co-workers cheered.

“This has evolved into an exciting, dramatic and fun event,” Walker said. 

This year, Shannon Joyce, Director of Compensation and Risk Management, and Mindy Carrier, Director of Employee Benefits and Retention Programs, will make the road trip to announce the new car winner.

“Mindy and I are excited about our role in this event that most certainly will have a life-changing impact on one of our IntegraCare team members,” Joyce said.

Those IntegraCare senior living communities participating in the contest are:

  • Candle Light Cove (Easton, Maryland)
  • Colonial Courtyard at Bedford (Bedford, Pennsylvania)
  • Colonial Courtyard at Clearfield (Clearfield, Pennsylvania)
  • Colonial Courtyard at Tyrone (Tyrone, Pennsylvania)
  • Magnolias of Chambersburg (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Magnolias of Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
  • Newhaven Court at Clearview (Butler, Pennsylvania)
  • Newhaven Court at Lindwood (Greensburg, Pennsylvania)
  • The Pines of Mount Lebanon (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  • The Woods at Cedar Run (Camp Hill, Pennsylvania)


For more information, contact Eric Walker, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, IntegraCare, at [email protected] or 724.940.5544, Ext. 114.

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