Inpatient drug rehabs for couples – 5 things to consider

Updated on December 8, 2020

Developing an addiction to a substance can be easy, but it takes a lot of effort, discipline, and attention when deciding to quit this habit. The situation can be more challenging when a romantic couple turns addict. They may struggle to leave drinking or drug use. Over the period, substance abuse becomes a cause of the fight and arguments between partners and leads to emotional distancing. They start depending on it more to find relief from their stress and escape problems. Fortunately, couples rehab centers in California offer specialized care and rehabilitation for married and live-in couples struggling to deal with this issue.

If you and your partner are committed and want to achieve sobriety, consider drug rehab for couples. When you both are willing to recover, couple rehab can help you get over the addiction and strengthen your relationship through critical observations of the issues that led to such habits. Although there are inpatient and outpatient rehabs, you can select inpatient treatment by staying at the facility until your condition resolves or improves. One of the main benefits of this would be greater satisfaction levels with the relationship. You can abstain from drugs or alcohol because others keep a watch over you. Besides, with a partner, you feel more functional and thereby benefit more. 

However, before you look for a drug rehab facility, it would be better to consider five essential things. Here is a quick rundown of the same.

  • Types of the inpatient facility

When you search for an inpatient treatment facility, focus on those that offer drug rehab for married or cohabitating partners if both you and your partner need assistance. It is necessary to focus on this category because you get many options with inpatient treatment. Some offer long-term programs, some offer short-term programs, some can be women-special units, and others can focus on teens. The choices can extend further. That’s why it is critical to be sure about what you want from the beginning.

  • Types of substance abuse they treat

Along with substance abuse, couple rehab can help partners come out of the cycle of addiction and take care of their lives and relationship. Regardless of your substance abuse history, the facility can treat your dependence on alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and crack. Usually, these places can help with any substance abuse. Still, it would be better to confirm if they specialize in the area where you need assistance. It would be even more useful if they provided support for mental health or psychiatric issues like depression and anxiety in addition to the abuse.

  • Treatment methods

You would want to know about their treatment methods for substance addiction. Usually, they use behavioral therapy for a long and positive impact. It helps couples interact in a new way with plenty of positivity. It makes them communicate more clearly, abstain from drugs or alcohol effectively, and bond well. Other procedures also exist, such as Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy (ABCT), 12-step meetings, and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

  • The decision to seek help 

Partners suffering from substance abuse and addiction enjoy each other’s company only when they use it together. If you see drinking or drug habit is ruining your relationship, you should consider going to rehab. It can save your relationship and health from further damage and, at the same time, improve your overall living conditions. Some of the signs that can help you take this step include frequent arguments over substance use, calling in sick from work to cover up for your partner’s hangover, growing distance from friends and family, incidents of domestic violence, etc.

  • Preparation before getting in touch with the facility

Before connecting over a phone with the concerned facility, you would need to collect some information about you and your partner. You would want to have clarity about your insurance policies and policy numbers. You should have all the details about your substance abuse issues, such as what addiction you have, how much you consume, the duration of consumption, and how you take it, etc. With this, you should also mention if you have any co-occurring mental health or medical challenges. It would be necessary for the treatment. You would have to find a facility where they also attend to unique needs. In this context, you can think of dual diagnosis treatment centers in California.

If you live in California, you can go to any of these facilities, which treat mental health and substance abuse. For centuries, the link between substance abuse and mental illness has been the point of discussion. Experts believe that drug and alcohol abuse can worsen psychological disease and create more mental health problems. Whether you started substance abuse due to depression or any other mental condition or mental ailment led you to the path of abuse of a substance, you have to pay attention to both these aspects to recover.  

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