Hypertension: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Updated on January 11, 2023

We all have an idea as to what blood pressure is nowadays, and we all know what the normal ranges are. A lot of people also have their own devices at home designed for measuring BP, which just shows one thing. Basically, a lot of people have blood pressure issues, which is why there is the need for measuring it frequently.

Hypertension is one of the most common issues, and as you can see if you visit https://www.cincor.com/causes-of-hypertension, there are different causes of this condition. Before we start talking about causes, though, I want to talk about the actual symptoms of this condition, so that you can learn how to recognize it if you suspect that you have it. And, of course, we will also talk about the course of treatment, because this is an issue that you need to keep under control. 

So, as you might have concluded it already, there are three significant questions that we need to address right now. We need to check out the symptoms of hypertension, its causes, as well as the treatment process. If you continue reading, you will find that we have addressed those questions below, and you will get the answers that you actually need. Let’s get started.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hypertension?

There is a reason why this condition is often called “the silent killer”. I suppose you can guess the reason already, can’t you? Basically, a person could suffer from this condition and go without noticing any kinds of symptoms at all. This is why measuring it on a regular basis is actually important. If untreated, hypertension can damage your heart, as well as your kidneys and other organs.

Even though high blood pressure tends not to exhibit any severe symptoms, there are instances in which a person can definitely experience some unpleasant symptoms. Those include sweating, blushing, sleeping problems, as well as anxiety. Headaches and nosebleeds are signs of a hypertensive crisis. As mentioned, though, most people won’t experience any kinds of symptoms at all. Read more about the symptoms.

What Are Its Causes?

High blood pressure can actually be a symptom in itself, i.e. it can be caused by an underlying condition. In that case, the doctors regard it as secondary hypertension. Chronic kidney disease, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome and many other conditions can be the underlying causes of hypertension. This means that treating those diseases could help normalize your blood pressure.

When the high blood pressure is not caused by another condition, then it is known as primary hypertension. In this particular case, there are multiple different factors that the hypertension can result from. Those include smoking, excessive alcohol intake, a sedentary lifestyle, high salt intake, insulin resistance, obesity and similar factors.

How To Treat It?

If you suspect that you have hypertension, then the first thing to do is visit your doctor. They will refer you to a cardiologist, who will do the necessary tests to determine what it is that’s causing the problem. If it is found that you are suffering from secondary hypertension, then, as you already know, this means that you have an underlying condition that you need to take care of in order to get rid of the high blood pressure.

So, to put it simply, the course of treatment will depend on the actual causes of your high BP levels. If another health issue is causing this problem, then the right thing to do is actually treat that other health issue. Once your doctor proposes the right course of treatment for that specific issue that is the cause of your high blood pressure, it will actually start returning to normal, which is basically what you want.

Since you have now learned something about hypertension, you already know that it doesn’t need to be caused by some other health problems. When the high blood pressure is the sole problem, i.e. when you have primary hypertension, you will need to make certain adjustments in your lifestyle in order to treat it. Of course, the types of adjustments you will make depend on the actual factors that have been causing your blood pressure to be so high.

So, if you are a smoker, or if you have been drinking heavily, the first thing to do is drop those habits with the aim of regulating your BP. Apart from that, it would be great for you to add some physical activity to your daily routine, because lack of activity can also be the cause of this particular problem. Of course, changing your diet and reducing your stress levels will also have a positive impact on your BP. In addition to changing those habits and making lifestyle adjustments, you may need to start taking certain medications in order to regulate your blood pressure. Your doctor will be the judge of that.

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