How you should take care of your body during pregnancy

Updated on April 4, 2020

The most exciting part of your marriage life is here. You’re pregnant! This marks the beginning of a new and wonderful journey for your family. Before you meet your little one, you will have to go through the pregnancy journey and hopefully it is something you will come to appreciate. So how should you take care of your body during your pregnancy?

The first thing you should do is to find good professional care. So how can you find a good gynaecologist to take care of your pregnancy? You should do adequate research and read reviews to seek the best doctor to take care of you and your baby. What you can also do is to reach out to family and friends who have gone through the process and ask them about their doctor. Remember, good care is important to ensure the health of both the mother and baby.

The second thing you can do to exercise. You might be wondering, “should I be exercising during pregnancy?” Research has shown that regular exercise during pregnancy can improve your posture and also reduce discomfort associated with pregnancy. However, if advised by your doctor not to exercise due to potential harm to your pregnancy, please follow your doctor’s advise.

You must also remember to relax and avoid stress. If you are stressed out, this might cause harm to you and your baby. Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to ask your husband or family members to help out more around the house. It is tough carrying a baby for nine months, so do take the opportunity to get others to lighten your load so you can relax more. 

You can also get a prenatal massage to help with your relaxation. Many pregnant women who have gone regularly for prenatal massages said that it helps with the uncomfortable side effects of their pregnancy. It can also reduce stress hormones in your body and help to loosen your sore muscles from carrying around the extra weight. 

Maintaining a balanced diet is also crucial to a good, healthy and safe pregnancy. Do remember to consume lots of leafy greens, fibre rich foods, calcium and lean protein.  The nutrients that you consume will play an important role in you and your baby’s well-being.

Hydration is also important as you will need sufficient liquid to help your body produce extra blood, carry nutrients and build new tissues. Being hydrated also helps decrease constipation, soften your skin and helps prevent urinary tract infection. Therefore, always ensure that you are well hydrated during your pregnancy.

Remember to also get plenty of sleep as sufficient sleep is important for you and baby. Always try to get between 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily. The best position to sleep is on your left side as this improves blood flow in your body. 

During this nine month journey, remember to take care of yourself and by taking care of yourself, you can ensure a healthy and happy baby!

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