How Women’s Health Services Are Responding to Growing Demand

Updated on October 6, 2020

No one in America (or in the world) was prepared for the coronavirus when it hit. Although the H1N1 flu is known as one of the worst outbreaks in US history, it didn’t impact society in the way the coronavirus has. 

Millions of people are “staying home” in order to prevent the spread of the latest contagious virus. However, how does this benefit people, like pregnant women, who are in dire need of women’s health services?

The demand for women’s health services is only growing during the pandemic. Read on to find out why adding the service to meet these demands will be a smart move. 

The Barriers Women Are Facing During The Coronavirus Pandemic

While there are certain areas America thrives at in regards to providing for its citizens, there are also areas it does not.

During the wake of the pandemic, medicinal services, in general, have already been disrupted. The forefront of healthcare is catering to the coronavirus, which is taking a huge chunk in health workers, beds, and resources.

America is already facing current health crises that lead to higher morbidity and mortality rates, especially for women of color. The coronavirus is only making this worse. Right now: 

  1. Health insurance plans not comprehensive enough to satisfy the health needs of women 
  2. Federal/State policies fail to offer health equality for women of color and their loved ones 
  3. Reproductive healthcare, namely abortion, have a negative stigma and are not applied in the health system 
  4. Healthcare providers are inaccessible for women due to lack of income

Women, more than men, are likely deal with unexpected healthcare costs. They also have larger incidence rates of poverty than men.

The Growing Need for Women’s Health Services During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the US government shutting down more women’s services to respond to the coronavirus, there is an increase in neonatal and maternal deaths.

The decline in women’s services also increases unsafe abortions and no help for female victims of sexual abuse and violence. 

Problems with sexual abuse and violence are rising due to quarantine measuring and saying home. This leaves women with no access to get the social support systems they need.

Medical care for women dealing with this is also important to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

Healthcare clinics and facilities can help the growing health needs of women by adding the service if they do not offer it. Health & Fitness Digital Marketing Services are available for healthcare businesses that need a way to ensure the added service is known for women who need them. 

Women Need Access To Healthcare Pandemic or Not

COVID-19 is making a negative impact on women’s health services in America.

The ability for pregnant women or those who need social assistance to get help is poor. The only way to help these women get the help they need is to address the current issues we have in the healthcare system and open more services.

However, the opposite is happening. Whether or not we have a pandemic, healthcare businesses should be more aware of and sensitive to this problem to help women in need. 

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