How Vitastem Can Help Hospitals Reduce MRSA & Staph Infections

Updated on April 20, 2023

According to the CDC, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Staphylococcus infection are two of the most prevalent infections affecting hospital patients in the US. While hospitals have taken up a number of measures to control and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, they can remain resilient and difficult to fully eradicate from occurring. 

MRSA is a flesh-eating bacterium that is resistant to many of the most commonly prescribed beta-lactam antibiotics, including penicillin, amoxicillin, oxacillin, and methicillin. Severe cases of MRSA can often result in endocarditis, osteomyelitis, septicemia, or even death in patients. The WHO declared antimicrobial resistance (AMR) one of the top 10 threats to global health back in 2019, and the urgency required to tackle this issue has only increased. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has estimated that hospital acquired infections (HAIs) like MRSA account for some 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year – in American hospitals alone. According to another study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at any given time, there are approximately 1 in 3 patients hospitalized in the United States who have an HAI. The level of concern for patients and healthcare facilities is growing exponentially here in addition to the rise of superbugs too. HAIs can often lead to sepsis and/or death if not properly treated. 

The costs associated with a MRSA infection are often very high too, as the average hospital length of stay is about 10 days and average hospital costs of $14,000. The average length of stay and hospital costs associated with MRSA are approximately 2x higher than those patients there for other types of hospital stays.

Now, more than ever, the need for new and innovative wound care treatments has become far more pressing due to the proliferation of drug-resistant bacteria like staph & MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) that affects so many hospital patients. 

However, with Vitastem’s entry into this fight against these serious and deadly infections, there may be new hope in its fight to save lives. Vitastem Ultra is regarded as one of the world’s strongest antibiotics in the world and has spent over a decade treating and healing some of the most severe bacterial skin infections – successfully healing surgical and diabetic wounds, preventing countless amputations, restoring patient mobility, and helping those patients get back to living their lives fully.

Proven Effective Against Severe Skin Infections

Vitastem Ultra has been proven to be highly effective at treating even severe skin infections, offering a range of benefits such as preventing infection, restoring blood flow to damaged cells, reducing inflammation, stimulating tissue growth, and eliminating bacteria in the affected area. Its unique combination of ingredients allows the medicine to reach affected areas quickly with an intensity and depth ten times greater than other products today – giving medicine time to reach them quickly and overwhelm bacteria before they have time to adapt or develop resistance.

Eliminates Harmful Bacteria

One of the primary advantages of Vitastem Ultra is that it eliminates all bacteria tested against, including MRSA and Staph Infection. This is thanks to its dual physical and chemical destruction mechanisms, making it a suitable solution for combating drug-resistant germs. Vitastem Ultra stands out among other wound care medications due to its remarkable healing and tissue regeneration capacity, which no other medication on the market can match. Clinical studies have proven this medication saves thousands from amputations, shortening hospital stays and increasing life expectancies for thousands of patients.

Vitastem Ultra stands out among antibiotics by employing chemical and physical methods for rapid success. This makes it the optimal solution for infected wound care, such as those caused by food prepping, backyard improvement accidents, or diabetic wounds. Vitastem Ultra treats the condition and infuses skin cells damaged by infection with vitamins D3 and C to restore collagen and stimulate tissue growth – leaving your skin looking its best again!

Made In The USA 

Vitastem Ultra is proudly made in the USA with uncompromising pharmaceutical standards and quality. At a time when 80% of antibiotics worldwide are manufactured in China and healthcare professionals are increasingly concerned about drug-resistant bacteria, Vitastem Ultra provides an effective yet secure local solution that meets stringent quality control requirements. By being manufactured in the US, Vitastem drastically reduces the negative effects of global supply chain issues. 

Easy To Apply Topical Antibiotic Spray

Applying Vitastem Ultra is a straightforward procedure: apply a thin product layer on the affected area and cover it with a sterile dressing, changing it every 24 hours or as directed by your healthcare professional. Vitastem Ultra can be used on anyone with a wound that needs healing. Healthcare professionals specializing in wound care may find this product particularly helpful for patients requiring healing from challenging wounds and/or infections.

Safest Ingredients & Safe For All Age Groups

Vitastem Ultra is the go-to treatment for wound care, especially for surgical and diabetic wounds. With its proprietary mechanism of action, remarkable healing and tissue regeneration capacity, and special combination of only the safest ingredients, Vitastem Ultra offers far more effective and faster solutions than other antibiotics available to patients today. Its topical antibiotic properties make it safer than prescription or oral antibiotics which may harm one’s kidneys or other organs. With Vitastem Ultra, patients can heal their wounds naturally while regaining mobility and improving their quality of life much quicker than if they opt for other antibiotics.

Healthcare professionals specializing in wound care may find this topical antibiotic incredibly beneficial to their patients with wounds that need fast and more effective healing. With Vitastem, patients can rest easy knowing they’re using the most effective wound care product with clinical evidence supporting its potential that has saved countless amputations and lives over the years.

Considering Vitastem Ultra For Healthcare… 

Vitastem Ultra not only offers incredible healing properties, but it is also an incredibly effective wound care solution. Free from oral use that may harm one’s kidneys or the good bacteria in their stomach, Vitastem Ultra offers a safer, more effective option for treating wounds and preventing infections. 

Vitastem’s ability to eliminate drug-resistant bacteria while stimulating healing and tissue regeneration sets it apart from other wound care medications. Through its unique combination of ingredients and advanced topical delivery system, Vitastem Ultra is safe to use for all age groups, offers fast relief from wounds and diabetic ulcers, restoring mobility and improving the quality of life for patients.

For those working in healthcare, you should definitely consider looking more into Vitastem as a quick solution to reducing MRSA and staph infections, while improving wound care treatments and results for your patients today. 

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