How to Write a Standard Formatting Style Unique and User-friendly Essay?

Updated on June 13, 2020

The essay is a piece of written material that you have been assigned as a part of your job or studies. It encompasses different types of projects. It may be on physical or social science topics, as required. One has to adopt a specific style and format to write an essay. The following are the steps to adopt while writing an essay. 

Some Introduction about Unique Essay Writing:

The essay is a piece of writing, written on a specific topic, mostly on the topic of social science. The essay writer must have a philosophic approach to the subject. He must have so deep study, to express his views having an analytic, speculative, and interpretive approach. He must encircle the whole of the area of the subject under discussion. He must know the art to play with words, enabling a reader to know all the aspects linked with the topic. The essay is a small piece of writing covering the whole of the topic, diving deep to the bottom and compassing whole of the area concerned, is an essay.

  • Analyse the topic

Before you start writing, it very necessary to have a vast study on the topic. Emphasis should be on the objectives of the topic. Search all the answers to questions, may arise in one’s mind on the subject. Paint a picture in your mind of the whole of the plan. While studying, take brief notes and concatenate them in such a beautiful way to enable the reader to understand it smoothly and easily.

  • Plan your task

Planning will keep you in a specific sphere of study, which will able you to concentrate on the subject and keep you away from wastage of time on irrelevant things. First of all, you have to check, how important your essay is. This will be helpful for you, to know how the time you should spend on it. Check there will be marking or not. If yes, take more time, as it is the matter of your gradation. If not, then no need to spend more time, just keep it as a writing job. Check, what are the points, you are going to elaborate. Write these points on the paper and attempt them one by one. Do consultancy with active writers to write my essay and share useful data to prepare the user-friendly essay. Give every point a time limit, to take more time on the point can lead you to a shortage of time, resulting in which you can fail to submit your essay within the given time frame. 

  • Draw outline

The outline shows how much you have depth in your views and how beautifully you can link them in a specific sequence. Following is the structure you have to adopt while writing an essay.

Introduction of the Essay

Here you have to introduce, what is you are going to write. Briefly explain the purpose of your writing and your findings on the topic. You should not allocate more than 10% area of your essay for this purpose.

Body of the Essay

This is the area where you have to mention your findings in detail. You should divide your ideas into different paragraphs. One paragraph should be allocated for one point only. There should be no mixed views. Mixed views create confusion in the mind of a reader.  So you must avoid manifold discussion in one paragraph. A paragraph must start with a topic sentence stating the major idea. This is just to keep the attention of a reader on the topic. Supporting shreds of evidence and examples are to follow it. This area takes 80% of the essay. The second step is to go into the details of the topic. Details are given in this area that is the body of the essay. The purpose of the body is to completely develop the debate introduced in the first paragraph. 

Division in Paragraphs 

There is a specific discipline to write an essay. First paragraph is allocated for introduction of the essay. The objective of an essay is mentioned. He declares what the findings he has on the topic. He explained the background of the topic with context and reference. It is up to the writer, how he paints the picture of his study in the mind of a reader. There should be clarity and lucidity in the message, enabling the reader to have a transparent picture of what the writer intends. 

Best and Ideal Quotes for a Standard Essay

Quotes and examples should exactly be to the point. Irrelevant references confused the reader. The writer should start a paragraph to write an impressive topic sentence, to keep the attention of the writer on the topic. The whole of the material produced should be perfect and with supporting details. Quotes of sages of the ages, Experience of the people, having expertise in different fields of life, should be shared. The Writer must have clarity and elucidation on the topic. 

Unique and Creative Featrurign Format

Ambiguity fails the purpose of the essay. There  should be a chain of ideas, having no pause in between them, so to keep the reader attach to the topic. A  deep study in the fields of social science is the key to be a successful essay writer. Most of the famous essay writer have been sages of that age.


This is the part where you have to conclude your discussion. Mention your findings very briefly and give them the conclusion touch. This section will take about 10% of an essay. After going into the details in the body section of the essay, Concluded paragraph follows. In this paragraph, the writer has summed up by giving a finishing touch to the essay. This is not the place to repeat the information, not to summarize the body points or not to express new ideas. This paragraph is a plate form where the writer convinces readers with rhetoric, means with effective use of language. He depicts his views very effectively in the mind of a reader and concludes the essay. 

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