How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Updated on April 21, 2021

One of the most incredible things about writing an essay is the ability to let your voice be heard. Instead of speaking and letting the words get carried away with the wind, they live on, imprinted on pages. Whatever your point of view, you have a way to share it with help from a persuasive essay. If you’ve got an assignment or are just working your way through an essay, we’ve got tips from expert writers from Sharpessay. Learn the art of crafting a persuasive essay and getting your voice heard with help from these 5 tips.

1. Go with Your Gut

Before you write, think. Get a clear idea of your position, taking a stance, and sticking to it. In a persuasive essay, the idea is to share your thoughts with readers and give them enough details to make them think the same. You’re essentially trying to persuade them that your perspective is best, giving them reasons why the alternate idea is not. A persuasive essay is not an argumentative essay and will not argue that one side is best. However, it will show your point of view and why your idea is the way to go. So, before you start writing, get a good hold of your ideas and keep them there, moving on to the next step.

2. Round up Facts

When you have a clear idea of what you want to write about, finding facts is easy. Start by searching for academic articles or accredited essays to round up ideas. Also, go a step further and present arguments from the other side. When you add in a little bit of both sides, you’re giving your readers a look at why your idea is the best and why the other side of things is not. In presenting detailed information, you’ll not only gain more of their attention but get more people on board.

As you search for and find facts, make sure to keep up with them and remember where you found them. Not only will you need to cite them within your paper, but you’ll also need to turn in works cited page that officially tells readers where you found them and how they can also find them. If not, it’s considered plagiarism, a word you’re likely familiar with from your professors.

3. Craft a Thesis

According to writers at assignment writing services, the thesis of a persuasive paper is vital. A thesis is one sentence that sums up your entire essay and gets the reader ready for what they are about to read. Most of the time, it’s found in the introduction, right before you move on to the body. When crafting a thesis, make sure that you have your ideas clear and state your reason for writing the paper, making it easier to see your point of view. You may want to hold off on writing your thesis until the end, making sure you don’t have a change of heart as you write.

4. Design an Outline

With your ideas and facts in order, it’s time to design an outline. For instance, a typical persuasive essay has three sections, the intro, the body, and the conclusion. Within the body, you’ll need to include your ideas and support to back them up. Plus, you’ll need to leave some room for the other side of the argument, showing why it is incorrect. Try and stick with three facts for each side, creating three to six solid paragraphs that show your side and give the reader enough to follow along.

If you spend a reasonable amount of time on your outline, the writing will come easy, as you’ve already done most of the research behind it and all the extras that you needed to do. Plus, if you gathered up facts, ideas, and evidence to support your claims, all you’ll have to do is tie them to your idea and fill in the gaps.

5. Write Your Heart out

Once you’ve put the work in, it’s finally time to write your heart out. This part should be the easiest, especially if you’ve done all you needed before you get to this point. When writing a persuasive essay, much of the language needs to be supportive and geared toward making a point. For example, add things like “I think” or “In my opinion” for your ideas. When presenting facts, weave them into your argument and use them to explain why your thoughts and ideas are better than the alternative.

Get Better at Presenting Your Argument

At the end of the day, you can’t change anyone’s mind. What you can do is give them good and solid information that will help them see your side. With the right facts and the proper presentation, you can make anyone take your side, showing them that there is no way the alternative is correct.

If you’re assigned an essay and short of time, you can head over to Write me an essay to get help from an expert writer. They are well seasoned in the essay-writing game and know how to persuade. If you’ve saved enough time to get it done yourself, follow these 5 tips to writing a persuasive essay to get started and done. In the end, you’ll realize how great writing a persuasive essay can be, improving your writing and citing skills as you present your ideas and thoughts.

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