How to Wrap an Ankle Using Compression Bandages

Updated on August 28, 2023

Accidents happen all the time, and one of the prevalent injuries that most people obtain, are ankle sprains. More than 26,000 people sprain their ankle every day.

However, according to a study conducted by the International Ankle Consortium, 55 percent of people who sprain their ankle never seek professional help. The reason is that an ankle usually heals on its own within a few weeks of time. Knowing how to wrap ankle sprains and injuries is a great skill to hold as you can use it in times of trouble. 

There are several things you can use on your ankle, may it be bandages, tapes, or compression sleeves. If you are considering getting a compression sleeve in case of emergencies, but not quite sure how to wrap ankle sprains, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a compression bandage.

Start at the bottom of your foot

Rather than unrolling a long piece of wrap at once, keep it rolled and start by placing a short piece under your foot. Put the bandage against the ball of your foot, while the dressing’s end is slightly past the side of it. Then, carefully unroll on the other side. 

If the injury is severe and you need extra support, it is ideal for placing a gauze pad on the sides of your ankle or using padding made from foam to add stability in your wrap.

Wrap around the top of your foot

Knowing how to wrap ankle sprains and injuries is a great skill to hold as you can use it in times of trouble. 

Use one hand to hold the bandage being placed against the bottom of your foot. Use the opposite hand to bring the compression sleeve around the top and bottom of the foot. Do it three times to make sure that you overlap the bandage by half its width, so your foot has enough coverage.

Ensure that you wrap it firmly so it would not be loose when you walk, but not too tight that you will end up hurting yourself more than helping it. If you can, try to make the wrap as neatly and evenly as possible.

Wrap your ankle

Once you have wrapped your foot three times, bring the bandage up to your ankle and wrap it around, while keeping your heel exposed. Make sure that you cover it as firmly as you can.

After this, wrap it back around your foot, ensuring that it is still writing in place. Secure the wrap using the metal clips at the end of the bandage, and you are good to go.  

However, this might seem a bit too much, especially for someone who is struggling with a severe ankle injury. Luckily, there are ankle compression sleeves like the ones from Body Helix that are much easier to use.

Depending on the product that you get, these innovative compression sleeves are usually slip-on, or just a one-time wrap around your ankle. Each garment will enable you to wrap your sprained ankle faster and better. In some cases, you can also wear it even without an injury so that you can give protection to your ankle.

Deciding whether you go the old-fashioned way or the new method is up to you. What is essential is you do what is best for your ankle to make it feel better and heal faster.

If your ankle doesn’t heal using above techniques, you can consider going to an expert podiatrist like Essex Union Podiatry and getting it examined properly.

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