How to Wear and Remove any Face Mask

Updated on December 22, 2021

Faces masks are used to prevent the spread of diseases between humans. In the era of the coronavirus, face masks have been used extensively across the globe. Before the coronavirus vaccines were invented, they were the primary mechanism used to prevent the spread of the virus, among other factors. A face mask should cover the mouth and nose, and it should have ear ties, bands, or loops used to hold the mask in place. There are different types of masks available today, including surgical and n95 masks, and they come in different colors and brands. Always purchase a mask that is approved by the relevant authorities.

Why do people need face masks?

Among the advantages of wearing face masks is the reduced spread of disease-causing germs. When an individual coughs, sneezes, or talks, they can release tiny germ drops into the surrounding atmosphere and infect other people. When you put on a mask, you significantly reduce germs released into the air, protecting other people. It is also a protective mechanism of the mouth and nose from body fluids sprays and splashes.

When to wear a face mask

In the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital always to wear your mask to reduce the spread risk of the virus to other people. Wear your mask when you are sick, constantly experiencing sneezing or coughing, and you want to be around people. It will help in protecting the people in your vicinity. Several healthcare guidelines are directing how people should put on face masks.  

How to wear a face mask

If you are using disposable masks, ensure to throw them away after use; that is once. Remove and replace a mask when it is moist. Here are some steps to follow when putting on your mask. Remember to follow all the directives.

  1. Wash your hands with clean water and soap and dry them
  2. From your mask box, take a mask and ensure it has no holes
  3. Determine the front and the back of the mask. Mostly the colored side is the front, and the white side should touch your face.
  4. Depending on the mask you are using, for example, earloop face mask, hold the two earloops and place each loop around every ear.
  5. According to your nose shape, pinch or mold the provided stiff edge
  6. If you have the face mask with ties, then secure the ties at the neck nape with a bow
  7. Then have your chin and mouth covered by the mask

Removing a mask

  1. Ensure your hands are clean; you can use sanitizer instead of water and soap.
  2. Depending on the mask you are using, for instance, the ones with ear loops, you only need to lift them gently and remove the face mask, the tied face masks, you need to untie all the bows one at a time and finally pull the mask away. 
  3. After removing the used mask, throw it away in a trash bag or bin, then cleanse or sanitize your hands.

In conclusion, face masks have proven to be important in controlling diseases amongst people. Ensure you wear a mask appropriately to reap all the benefits.

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