How to Use Instagram Business Account to Boost Traffic to Your Website (for Healthcare Niche)

Updated on June 23, 2021

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Do you wish to drive traffic to your healthcare website from your Instagram business account? If so, then read this carefully. Suppose you desire to expose your brand to a higher customer base, get your products and services more visibility by building a large follower base of individuals who need your products/services, ultimately converting to sales for you. In that case, Instagram could be the deal clincher for you.

Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users, and that rivals even Twitter. What makes Instagram so interesting is that its populace comprises shoppers who prowl the social media willing to be convinced to shop. With the right strategy, you’ll have traffic streaming to your website from your Instagram business account.

Instagram is saturated with tools that would help optimize and grow your business with plenty of clicks and eventually conversions. Comprehending how to drive traffic from your Instagram business account to your website could turn out to be the best marketing strategy for your brand.

Add a Link to Your Website in Your Bio

This method is uniquely simple yet highly effective and also very important. With a single click of the link in your bio, you get to drive hundreds of visitors to your website. 

It’s an easy way to direct your Instagram followers in your posts to “Click on the link in my bio” to direct them to your website. Instagram allows for the inclusion of a clickable link in your bio that will take your audience straight to your website. To add your website link, click on Edit Profile, then type your website URL in the Website text box. Ensure to include a link to your site where your audience can click images, peruse your products/services and take in your content. 

Add a CTA to Your Instagram Bio 

Something as straightforward as including a Call To Action in your Instagram bio could make a whole lot of difference to your traffic game.

By inputting a really short copy preceding your website link in your bio, you automatically make your link more appealing. The copy could be a “tap the link below to see our incredible products.”

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Optimize Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is a visual platform suitable for photos and videos.  Therefore, it makes sense that accounts with fascinating feeds and high-quality videos quickly become more attractive.

But as Instagram evolves, more and more people use it for its open video features (like Instagram Stories and IGTV). They are less interested in the content they used to be interested in.

Nowadays, a dizzying number of more authentic video content can be created as well as carefully selected photos … It depends on your audience and how you configure the feed!

Include Strategic Call-To-Actions to Post Captions

This is one of the most valid methods to steer people to your bio, where they get to click your website link. Putting in CTA in your captions and blog posts will direct the audience and push them to make that click that will land them on your website.

Call To Action does not have to be complex, it can simply be a “click the link in our bio for more information” or “click the link in our bio to shop with us.” As long as it fulfills the demand of pointing and directing people to click the website link, then the CTA is effective.

One of the ways of encouraging clicks is by teasing your audience with your posts so their curiosity is piqued, and they want to rush to the website to satisfy their curiosity. 

By simply arousing your audience’s curiosity, you capture their interest and ultimately drive an avalanche of traffic to your website.

Post Contents Consistently

This might sound like an exaggerated point, but its simplicity does not deter its effectiveness. Consistency remains one of the most potent ways to get traffic over time. Beginning with how regular you post your content, to consistent Call To Action, the frequency of your content will inform your followers of your pattern. And pretty soon, your followers will be familiar with your routine, and they will know to click the link in your bio to get more details on the contents you post. Try to make your content “a teaser” in nature, so it’ll attract your audience to check out the website for the full details. Add strong CTA to your videos and your feed posts.

Use Alternative Text for More Exposure

Like Google, Instagram has its internal SEO algorithm that can be used to determine who should display which content based on the keywords displayed in your hashtags and posts.

However, a neglected place to optimize your photos is your alternate text!  Most people have never heard of it.

After typing the title, tap “Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the screen.  Select “Alternate Text” at the bottom of the next screen.  In this section, add a description of your photo with as many keywords as possible.  You describe your photo as if you could not see it.

For example, if you are a personal trainer and a photo shows you helping a client, your alternate text might say something like “Personal trainer teaching the client to lose weight.”

If you enter these keywords, such as “personal trainer” and “weight loss,” Instagram will be notified that this is what it will be, and you will be invited to the Explore page for people who match those interests.

If you upload multiple photos or videos, you can change the description of each photo to make it easier to find the right people.

Maximize Your Instagram Stories 

Irrespective of the size of your followers, utilizing your Instagram story can yield maximal results and drive huge traffic to your site just from your Instagram story. Instagram stories give you the chance to connect on a closer, more personal level with followers. This is an efficient way of creating trust and engaging followers. If you combine this with a prominent Call To Action, then the engagement you create with your Instagram story will translate into a flood of traffic to your site.

Detailing your product benefits and the brand story will help build brand loyalty which eventually converts to traffic. The greater the connection created between your audience and your brand, the better traffic you get. Let them into the company values, mission, vision, brand story, products, services, etc. Blending this with CTA will produce excellent results.

Instagram stories are saturated with awesome aspects that will facilitate your audience and instill a sense of brand loyalty in them.

Below are a couple of Instagram story features that are sure to propel traffic to your bio link.

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Go Live and Interact with Followers

Appearing live on your Instagram story is a great method to create Hype around your products, services, and brand. It builds engagement, and you get to tell them verbally to click on the link in your bio.

Use a Countdown Sticker to Generate Hype

Instagram’s Countdown sticker is a great tool to create Hype around a product launch or an upcoming event. Using this feature, you get to build excitement in your audience till D-Day.

To get your followers involved, you can encourage them to click on it and fix a reminder to know when the countdown is over. This would build engagement as it would encourage clicks.

Showcase High-Converting Stories Using Instagram Stories Highlight

Instagram Stories Highlights are an excellent means of elongating the duration your Instagram story stays on, longer than the usual 24 hours. Since it’s at the top of your page, viewers want to click there first. Hence, you need to put your Instagram story highlights to perfect use. 

Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram recently declared that it would be letting brands and businesses have access to their API. Investing in them will allow you to target the best audience demographics using data collected of individual’s involvement and interests. Utilizing an ad spend, you get to witness a boost to the number of guests on your website and the conversion.

Another advantage of Instagram ads is the clickable links which give the audience an easy way to access the website.

Three types of Instagram sponsored ads exist, which include an image, carousel, and video.

Using Instagram ads, you can expand your reach majorly, but sales will only happen if you target the right people.  But how do you find the right people on Instagram who are already interested in what you can offer them? Advertising is a simple way.  But it costs you in advance.  You also need to make sure that your Instagram feed and account are functioning properly before investing in high advertising costs.

Choosing your strategy on Instagram means you can spend a lot less money on advertising because you have a steady stream of organic traffic that you utilize.

On the sideline, there are two simple steps to find your ideal audience.

And it all starts with getting to know your brand.

(Pro tip: When you advance, an intern or other employee can take over all or part of your social media feed so you can focus most of the efforts of your business. But doing it yourself is great.  Also, the medium you should be working in and how long it should take, this will help you make sure that the person you are hiring is doing a good job if you know what to look for.)

Step 1: Clarify what you have to offer

Too often, people delve into content and social strategies before knowing who they are, what their brand is about, and what they can offer.

In addition, with so much “noise” on the Internet, it can be difficult to look at yourself and your brand and be honest about your unique point of view.

Whether or not you’ve started selling your product or service, some of the questions you need to consider now are:

  • What is your area of ​​expertise?
  • Who can you help the most?

Are there people who are already making money in this niche?  

  • What content do they have?
  • What do they offer to their audience?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from other influences in your niche?
  • When you sell a physical product, what is the lifestyle of that product, or what lifestyle is it for?

Even if you have made a few sales and feel secure enough in your niche, reconsidering these questions can help you clarify what you have to offer and eventually get better results.

The more precisely you answer these questions, the better.

If you are unsure of any of these questions, this is fine.  Do what you can now, and later you can customize or define your niche.

You must have a clear idea of ​​the value you can offer.

 Step 2: Meet Your Perfect Client

 Now that you know who you want to target, we can think of the people you need most.

If you haven’t started selling a product or service yet, or haven’t started your Instagram strategy yet, there are a few questions to consider at this point:

  • What is the pain of your perfect client
  • What problem(s) do you want to solve
  • What are the 3-5 influences in your niche that you are already following?
  • What content do they deal with the most?

If you’ve started selling or have already implemented an Instagram strategy, go to Instagram Insights in your business account and consider the following questions:

View current sales data, Google Analytics for your website, and social media data.  

  • Who is buying?
  • What are your age group, location, and gender?
  • What are your interests?
  • What time of day do they deal with you?
  • What are your likes and dislikes?
  • What are your income and marital status?

The more metrics, the better!  But even if you start, you are already ahead of those who begin without a plan. And there are too many … so you don’t have to be afraid of the competition!

Why spend so much time doing these steps before posting?

Because each item must match the perfect customer, you just launched.  Even if you have a great idea that doesn’t fit the interests of your perfect client, it’s not worth your time.

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