How to Use hCG Drops

Updated on July 16, 2019

Are you planning to take hCG drops to lose your extra weight?

Before starting to take hCG drops, you should visit your physician to get better instruction. HCG drops and pellets are considered as the secondary options to its injections. Injections are the fastest way to increase your blood level of hCG. But you can go for any option for getting suggested by your doctors. As you know, the hCG diet can be of three forms, including injections, drops, and pellets. Any form of the powerful hormone can make you lose your weight very fast.

If you have already decided to take hCG drops for weight loss, you should follow the instructions mentioned on the bottles. Conversely, you can also consult with your doctor. According to the recommendation, you should take 10 drops three times a day. And the amount should not be increased. You can take 15 drops as well 3 times each day only after consulting with your doctor.

Let’s talk about dosages

As this is a special or extreme weight loss diet plan, it should be taken wisely according to the recommendation of the manufacturer. You can follow the recommendation written on the bottle of the drop, or you can go to your doctor for the prescription. Every medicine has its side effects if you take over-dose. But you can gain your desired weight loss taking hCG drops if it is taken properly. 10-15 drops 3 times per day is ideal, and it is enough for you to burn your storage of fat. 

Taking more than 15 drops three times a day can cause some health issues, including dizziness or upset in your stomach. Also, if you have some health issues present like asthma, allergies, and so on, you must consult with your physician before starting the weight loss diet plan.

Food plan during hCG drops

As it is just a form among the three (injections, drops, pellets), you have to follow the same rules as others. Don’t forget that it is the extreme low-calorie diet plan where you are only recommended to consume 500 calories per day as long as the plan continues. You can have vegetables along with the diet plan in the morning. To maintain your body’s hydration system, you can drink a lot of water, or you can also take tea or coffee. 

This diet plan will target your body’s storage of fat mostly in your tummy and hip. It is a particular hormone that can be found in the placenta of a woman, mostly during her pregnancy. But it is found both in male and female.

Maintain three major phases of this plan

There are three major phases of taking hCG drops, including loading phase, losing stage, and maintaining phase. When you start this weight loss diet plan, you will find an instruction paper along with the product. For loading phase, try to eat high-calorie foods, consume a lot of high-fat foods.

The second phase is the most crucial phase to maintain because in this phase, your extra fat meaning your extra weight goes away. While taking hCG drops, it will keep you hunger-free and make you lose your extra weight from your body. Besides, only 500 calories are allowed for you to take until the second phase or weight loss phase finishes. 

Last but not least, the third phase is easy to follow, but you have to be consistent and determined. In this maintenance phase, you don’t need to continue taking hCG drops. But you have to avoid sugar and starch type foods for at least three weeks to have the ultimate weight loss result of your own.

Exercise on this weight loss diet plan

You need no exercise on this diet plan. While you are on this diet plan, your fat stored in your body will start burning, which is the goal of the hCG drops. Moreover, you are just taking only 500 calories per day, dividing it into two times- lunch and dinner. 

If you can keep consistent on this plan and have only 500 calories each day, you are sure to lose a huge amount of fat at the end of the day. That’s why you should not take any physical exercise. But you can do physical exercise when it finishes maintaining your body shape. This weight loss diet plan will make you come back on the right track.


As you can choose the form of hCG weight loss diet plan, including injections, pellets, or drops, make sure the product you are about to purchase is real. The market has already been flooded with real and unreal hCG products. But you have to choose wisely before starting. Otherwise, you may see a lot of health issues after a few days.

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