How to Stop Drinking: Treatment of Alcohol Abuse

Updated on October 29, 2019

Alcohol addiction is one of the toughest ones to overcome. People undergoing the stress to quit drinking are under tremendous pressure. Their battle between the brain and the heart, who command different things, makes them susceptible to more anxiety. It is only a matter of one single moment when people make up their mind to quit with a little help, which is all that is required to get them out of this vicious circle. An individual not necessarily has to wait till it gets to them as an addiction but can be cautious enough to curb his/her urge to drink more before falling under the category of addiction.

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Quitting the alcohol cannot be done in a single day. It is just like the addictions which just dint develop in one day. Any process must take some time which might be negligible or considerably longer depending on the levels of the addiction. The very idea of saying ‘No’ to a drink itself is termed as a great win during the initial days of the detoxification stage. Taking baby steps instead of a giant leap like these can provide great results. Giving your control significant mental applause by alternative pleasure indulgence activities like shopping, gardening and playing a sport can keep the addiction towards the bay.

Reasons for addiction:

  • Alcohol seen as a means of stress relief. The intoxication takes them to a bright new world which makes them forget about the pressure due to their work, relationship complexities or any other personal issues.
  • Peer pressure is one of the most common reasons as to why an individual starts drinking, followed by addiction. It is still considered by several youngsters as to not drinking means not being so cool. So to gel with this attractive majority, people start drinking to show their acceptance in the crowd which they wish to mingle and crave to be a part of it.
  • Some of them start consuming alcohol just to gain the so-called ‘benefits’ of the same. The ‘high’ or the ‘buzz’ what they get out of being intoxicated is a state which is enjoyed for long. The love towards getting into this state of ‘being high’ becomes more frequent, which is when it is called an addiction.

Alcohol consumption for fun or to forget the not-so-fun moments of their lives may eventually lead to addiction. During addiction, a person may find it extremely inevitable to curtail the urge to consume more and more alcohol. This, in turn, leads to some health extremities which may even result in death.

Top 10 Health Risk due to Alcohol

Some of the common known health hazards include life taking diseases like a failure of liver, stomach and kidney, weak heart and brain, brittle bones and weaker muscles.

What are the best ways to take charge of this drinking problem? What are those best methods which may help a person form being an alcohol addict? Is there a stable solution for this temporary problem that may put our life into permanent danger? May questions to be answered….

Galaxy Training Australia suggests some of the safe and sane methods of finishing your addiction with a ‘Happy Ending’ which includes good health and a positive lifestyle. Here are some of the techniques to choose from:


1.  Seeking Medical Help:

Seeking medical help not only includes consulting a doctor but also undergoing some medication to keep you away from the addictive drinks. Seeking the medical help would come into the picture when the addiction has created a milder to major havoc in your body. Ill-health has already entered the system by resulting in the malfunction of one or more organs.

Cases like unable to stop drinking, not in a position to forget about drinking or not able to think anything else other than drinking…these are the times when it is termed as an “Alcohol addiction” which needs external assistance than self-help. This compulsive behavior might require some nerve relaxants and detox meds to keep your body sail over smooth waves after a bumpy journey over a rough sea of addiction. Consider the treatment seriously by following the doctor’s instructions properly. Having belief over the program and keeping oneself patient to achieve the desired result of keeping the mind in the right place is the ultimate X factor to come out of this ‘Crystal Maze’ called Alcohol Addiction.

2. Rehabilitation for a Detox:

There are some cool and special places called Rehab centres which get people from all over, with a similar addiction at one place. Collectively they work towards eradicating their worries, concerns and addictions out of their system. These groups are good for those who get lonely, which their detoxification program and end up drinking even more. A large or a small group can motivate you to achieve the desired goal of a better, non-alcoholic tomorrow. Give a serious thought about attending such programs which would not just help you get out of any addictions, but also would be a great place to make better friends for a better life.

3. Psychological help:

Sometimes these addictions need more than meds and best buddies. Getting yourself to some well qualifies psychiatrist or a psychological counselor who would give you all that you need – peace, inside-out! A good, satisfying chain of sessions that would make you pour your heart out without any inhibitions will ease out a great amount of oppressed stress inside you. This blurting out of agony and worries will make you feel lighter, and your idea of consuming alcohol to forget worries will eventually fade away.

Keeping yourself calm and composed and keeping your spirits in an improved high than that of the boozy-high is what is regarded as the only vehicle that can take you to the final destination of De-addiction. Staying hydrated in addiction to staying positive is the only key to achieve this success of healthy, happy living.

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