How to Purchase the Best CBD Oil Online

Updated on July 17, 2019

Today’s wellness market is filled with CBD products from its protein powders, lubes, bath bombs, lotions, CBD vape juice, and much more. CBD is legalized and can be bought online without much restriction.

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While there are plenty of cannabis-based health products, you should know that CBD has not been regulated yet. The FDA has not taken measures to monitor how CBD is manufactured and distributed. That is why so many unrestricted brands are in the market.

Treading with Caution

CBD is a new industry, and not all players are trustworthy. There are those who want to make easy money with low-quality products. It is important to know what is in the products before making a purchase. A study revealed that 26% of the CBD products sold online had minimal amounts of CBD, meaning that they will not provide the desired outcomes to the consumer.

There are red flags to watch out for when shopping for your CBD products. The market space for CBD is still new, and you should take note to buy quality safe and pure CBD products that will meet your needs.

How to Ensure Your CBD Product is safe and Legit

Experts in the cannabis industry have provided education on what to look out for when purchasing your CBD products. Since no regulations are governing the products, you have to create your regulations.

Here is everything you need to know when shopping for CBD products online.

Buy from Reputable Brands

Knowing the brand, you are buying from matters a lot. Many sellers are transparent, and they will offer their information to consumers. Investigate the brand, how much information they are sharing about CBD and their projections.

Look for companies that are investing in research and showing their source of hemp. From there, you will know which brand to trust and one that is unreliable. They should develop personal relationships with manufacturers and growers to understand all the processes from production to selling.

Do They Have a Certificate of Analysis?

A genuine seller should provide a certificate of analysis to prove that the product was tested by an independent laboratory and found several important details about the product. 

These include the product’s batch number. The batch number should match the certificate of action provided.

The potency of the Product

Does the product have CBD? If it does, how much of CBD does it have? Check the certificate of analysis for “total CBD” or total cannabinoids. Potency will inform you about the level of cannabinoids present in the product. The information on the product should match with that on the certificate of analysis. 


Request the batch testing results to confirm there are no toxins, contaminants, or heavy metals in the product. Also, check whether the CBD was extracted using solvents and if they are in the product. The company should have both in-house and third-party testing to verify the concentration of CBD in the product if the product has no residual solvents, pesticides, and contaminants.

The certificate of analysis should also show the microbiological testing to verify that the hemp used to make the product had no bacteria or mold.


Ensure that the selling company has been in the CBD oil business for more than three years. This will ensure that they can prove the use of GMP labs and certified organic products that are regularly inspected by the FDA.

The company should be GMP certified and manufacturing its products in an FDA registered facility. The products should be tested right from the farm to the selling point. If you get answers to these concerns, then you are good to go.

Hemp should be Sourced Domestically

You should know how the hemp used was sourced and whether it was grown under the right farming practices and is pretested for any toxins. American grown hemp is very safe. Also, please find out how the hemp was grown, the levels of metal in the products and how it was extracted. Non-toxic extraction methods include CO2 extraction, butane, or ethanol-based extraction.

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Read the Label

The label should read hemp extract and not CBD because dietary supplements, according to DEA and FDA should not contain CBD. It can say hemp extract with cannabidiol content listed and labeled as safe.

Also, ensure it is broad spectrum or full spectrum hemp and not CBD isolate. Isolates are cheap, ineffective CBD products but broad spectrum are balanced products.


The guide above should help you to make safe purchases of CBD products online. You want to spend your money on a product that will give you the results you expect. Always do your research and shop wisely to avoid dealing with scams.

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